Wat Tyler – Rugger Bugger Records – 1989

No I.D. / Hops And Barley / Heavy Metal Vivisector We Pledge Our Alliegance To Satan / Coming Home Wat Tyler’s and Rugger Bugger Records debut release. Masterminded by Sean ‘Gummidge’ Forbes, this band grew out of Aylesbury area as Four Minute Warning turning at some point into Wat Tyler where they performed many songs […]

Filler – Fourth Dimension Records – 1988

M.Y.H.C. / Nowhere Better Learn / Hurt To Say  From a small  Nottinghamshire village, Filler had a great sound that was reminiscent of the 1985 D.C. scene, Rites Of Spring, Embrace and Marginal Man. Those band’s and that scene were close to the vocalist and bassist’s, Jabb’s heart, so much so that he licensed several […]

Heresy – Limited Edition Records 1987

Make The Connection / Trapped In A Scene / Network Of Friends Acceptance 1986 was a good year for cranking up the speed for punk bands over the U.K. The U.K. Hardcore scene following on from Discharge and Disorder in the very early 1980’s, getting inspired further by ‘newly discovered’ Thrash music from the U.S. Japan and […]

Paul ‘Pavlik’ Wilson – Some random Rave mix tapes from the early 1990’s

Paul and Essex Road Squatters at Stonehenge An example of how music and free thinkers evolve through time. Starting off with the attitude of punk, free festival’s and squatting, Paul Wilson came into the late 1980’s rave culture nice and easily. The younger brother to Mark Wilson of The Mob, Paul was there at the […]

The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu – Blank Label 1987

All You Need Is Love Great release, money ripped off of Alan McGee from Creation Records, some illegal sampling of The Beatles, MC5, Hall And Oats and the mighty Samantha Fox. Lyrics concerning the real threat of AIDS in society, a disease that even in the mid to late 1980’s was largely ignored and opinions […]

Decadent Few – Kaputt – Decadent Few Tapes 1987

Blue Murder / Missing Person / Flesh Market / No Love Lost A band born out of the ashes of Youth In Asia in 1985, Decadent Few featured the ‘operatic’ vocals of Kaya who possessed one of the most interesting vocal styles I have ever heard, either in a live situation or on a recording such as this tape, the […]