The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu – Blank Label 1987

All You Need Is Love

Great release, money ripped off of Alan McGee from Creation Records, some illegal sampling of The Beatles, MC5, Hall And Oats and the mighty Samantha Fox. Lyrics concerning the real threat of AIDS in society, a disease that even in the mid to late 1980’s was largely ignored and opinions held by the great British public that ‘we are OK, only gingers get that disease’…A great poster campaign, second only to God Told Me To Do It campaigns. The posters on all the photographs for the press (inc above) were put up in Caledonian Road, London, N1 a few doors down from Housmans Bookshop, the Malt And Hops pub and Rough Trade Distribution. Further up the road was crucial corner where All The Madmen Records ended there days. Also Better Badges and FO Tapes were in the same building…This release came out in incredibly limited quantities (although I had two copies!) until the official release (not included on the official release were some of the samples that JAMM had got away with on this pre release). JAMM was basically Bill Drummond under the name King Boy D, ex manager of Teardrop Explodes and Echo and The Bunnymen. Ex owner of Zoo Records in Liverpool. Artist for Creation Records, the money McGee gave him originally was to produce a new Bill Drummond LP for Creation, not to turn into King Boy D and JAMM’s.

JAMM’s metamorphised into KLF a little later on in the decade and became pretty huge in the alternative and rave market, they even appeared on the Brits Showcase with my old mates, and Peel favorites, Extreme Noise Terror from Ipswich…KLF also famously set fire to £1,000000 which according to James Drummond, Bill’s son and fellow THFC supporter, was real money but actually money that was out of circulation. KLF got it for a very small transfer fee from the Bank of England just to destroy…So now you know!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…All you need is love!!!

  1. Lee23
    February 14, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    Remember buying this from rough trade, bill drummond is a genius of our age…great stuff mr penguin 🙂

  2. AL Puppy
    AL Puppy
    February 14, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    …and it really does say ‘immanentize the eschaton’. There is a You Tube clip of a performance in Glasgow of this. I think. I will look for it again.

    They’re justified, and they’re ancient…. although the synchronity of all this does make me wonder “what the fuck is going on..”

    love n eternal chaos

    AL Puppy

  3. gerard
    February 14, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    any chance of the album? i haven’t heard it for 20 years and would love to…. seem to remember dancing queen getting mashed up with the pistols queen song somewhere on it.

  4. Lee23
    February 15, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    …and we were only talking about bill drummond the other day gerard and then this appears…synchronicity ??? 😉

  5. Farmer Glitch
    Farmer Glitch
    February 17, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    Bleeding excellent – always loved the Jamms/KLF and later morphs of Cauty/Drummond … Enjoying some of the recent Blacksmoke stuff – all be-it a tad too metal at times ..

    This does indeed sound a little different from the verisions I have here – will have to dig it out to check the samples that are missing – this mix sounds very clean and meaty !!

    Actually have quite a soft spot for his previous C-n-W ‘The Man’ stuff also ..

  6. Pavlik
    February 28, 2008 at 8:52 am

    What a hideous record.
    I’m sure it sounded great in ’87 but I really hope I never have to hear that again. lol.
    Reminded me of that other ‘classic’ n-n-n-n-nineteen.

    Get some of that old jungle on here that you mentioned Penguin. 😉

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