Anton LaVey – Strange Music – Amarillo Records 1994

Thanks For The Memory / Strange Music / Temptation Start The Day Right / One For My Baby / The Year Of Jubilo / Gloomy Sunday Anton LaVey, 1960’s ‘Head’ and media nemesis, founder member of San Fransisco’s Church Of Satan, musician, writer and some time film star (Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby) showing his talents in a […]

Antisect – Live In The Darkness LP – Clown Discs 1991

Intro (War) / They (The Eternal Myth And Paradox) / Tortured And Abused / Yet Still They Ignore / Education Or Indoctrination The Worlds Biggest Runt / In Darkness / Heresy / The Buck Stops Here The only release on the Clown Disc label run by Pete Alberto, who was originally from  Ipswich, but at this point […]