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  1. Claudio
    February 13, 2020 at 12:21 am

    I have no way to contact you on YouTube so I’ll just do it here:)

    I checked out your NIRVANA Astoria upload.
    Read the description and saw you attended several NIRVANA shows in the UK.

    So just wanted to ask you:

    There’s a rumour about the SOAS ’89 show being videotaped. Of course the video never surfaced, but someone recalls someone taping from the sound desk with a tripod. There are two audio recordings of that show but no video yet. Do you also recall someone videotaping? If so, any possible clue on who that might have been? The venue? Sub Pop? A random taper?



  2. Larry Bate
    Larry Bate
    June 28, 2020 at 4:09 pm

    I’m looking for a copy of the Killing Joke KYPP please. Cheers.

  3. Miguel Destruye
    Miguel Destruye
    July 19, 2021 at 11:15 pm

    I have a pic, of Centro Iberico of 21-08-1982 my friend Charlie of spain
    He was there
    I need to know the band that played

    I send pic

  4. Mike
    December 30, 2021 at 9:07 pm

    Tony…Just got round to picking up the Ripped & Torn anthology, very cool, just like I remember, but why are there a few pin up pages blank, IE; the Ramones.
    this is spoiling the vibe!

  5. Mike
    January 4, 2022 at 3:31 pm

    Can anyone help I.d a couple of tracks that I have no idea who they are by,they were on the otherwise of a long gone Napalm Death demo along with Oi Polloi,the lyrics went..”beware of the man whos dressed in black,he’s got a chequered pattern on his hat,he’s watching me and he’s watching you,he wants you in the station for a minute or 2″. The other song went “I didn’t know the honky tonk angels,and I bet you thought you’d never be my wife….” they had a sort of celtic feel to them. Any ideas?

  6. Alexandros Tsolis
    Alexandros Tsolis
    January 27, 2022 at 6:53 pm

    I am no one, I don’t know who you think you are! Why?
    Cause you ain’t someone, and you ain’t fooling no one!

    someone to no one:
    Have you ever considered that I am not the one imagining stuff here?

    no one to someone:
    Have you ever considered that not what you imagine seems to be happening in reality, since the beginning of reality?

    Probably not, so think about that also…

    Humans have been writing stuff down, and when that happened exactly in their history…we really don’t care here to say,

    What I have to say here is that there is an impression in human beings that what they imagine, is what seems to be happening, and not that something else than what they can imagine seems to be happening, and that they can imagine how that is for the specific occasion.

    Let’s try to explain this with two examples:

    Exampe1: Before anyone started writing something down, what was happening around anyone wasn’t what was written down. (as there wasn’t something written down…)

    Example2: After someone writes something down, that the specific someone believes is what seems to be happening, in order for the specific someone to really find this out, the specific someone really has to do experiments…

    …and when you do an experiment you can have no results as an option, you can have the expected results, or something unexpected may happen.

    Whether something unexpected may happen when one does an experiment, one can simply verify, and even simpler prove to everyone by considering the below experiment:

    Pick a coin, choose a side and flip it as freely as you want to live.

    After you think you can decide the side the coin ends up facing you right all the time, and before you come back to me with long and tedious stories…I have a question for you?

    Regardless of the time and space you live, why didn’t you come now to tell me about it, as I am writing this long reply here…if you could predict the future…then why didn’t you predict it a bit earlier…look at how much stuff I have to write down here…waiting for you prophet…to come back to tell me that what seems to be happening is something you imagined, and not something else than anything anyone can imagine, which is pretty simple to say, pretty simple to observe, and seems pretty fair for any human…it seems to me.

    and remember…


    …yes really …what …NOT REALLY?!.

    otherwise written down the above is:

    · Something else than what humans can imagine has been happening around humans up to now since the beginning of humans…

    · or else before humans, what does it seem to you was happening in reality?..

    · Something that happened before humans, but that Humans imaginEd after their histoRy startEd GETting REAL, and not something else than what they can imagine?!.

    One step before you really do everything, you really haven’t done everything yet, and something else than what you imagine is really happening, and one step after you do everything, you can’t forget the experience of what was happening before, or…you…didn’t really do everything…did you really?

    someone to no one:
    reality is pretty much only in your imagination

    no one to someone:
    And what is there in reality, your poor imagination ?

    someone to no one:
    How is it then?

    no one to someone:
    you can’t imagine,

    no one to someone:
    it’s something else.

    When one writes something down for the same God as the ones before one, the ones before one did not write it down EXACTLY as the same God would want it to be written down, because if you REALLY think otherwise…

    When one writes something down for the same God as the ones before one, the ones before one wrote it down EXACTLY as the same God would want it to be written down, but if you think this is REALLY ok for you…

    If in the end, when one writes something down for the same God as the ones before one, and the ones before one wrote it down EXACTLY as the same God would want it to be written down, it doesn’t seem to me that…


    …for the next ones who would like to write something down for the same God…does it seem to you…?

    follow the money…


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