Webcore – The Great Unfolding – A Real Kavoom Cassette – 1986

Nothing Can Stop Us Now / A Pocketful Of Roses / The Great Unfolding / Captains Table Just Can’t Tell Him / Backseat Driver / In The Mood? / 6+7=10 Uploaded tonight is the second Webcore cassette released on A Real Kavoom Cassettes from Cornwall. Personally I liked this band very much and saw them […]

Chumbawamba / KUKL – Manchester International – 27/08/84

Chumbawumba KUKL Many thanks to Martin Flux for the lend of this excellent cassette uploaded today. No doubt a Flux Of Pink Indians and D & V cassette from this gig will appear at some time from Martin as those bands also performed. Loads more rare Chumbawumba and KUKL material uploaded on this site if you care to […]

Jon From Bromley’s Obscure Hornchurch Bands Collection – 1981 -1982

Screaming Babies Kill Your Pet Puppy’s Mick Lugworm with Fred Previous of Screaming Babies Jon From Bromley, Rob and Fred before Screaming Babies gig at Centro Iberico Rob and Jon From Bromley before Screaming Babies gig at Centro Iberico Screaming Babies PRACTICE Screaming Babies DEMO Paralysis Laughing At Me / Far Cry / So Prententious / […]

Culturcide – Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America – Culturecide Records 1986

Side One Side Two From Houston in Texas, U.S, Culturcide decided to do without the rock and roll traditions of actually having a band to perform tracks for voicing over. Culturcide thought that with such great material out there in the M.O.R. FM world they might as well just hi-jack these tracks and get there […]

Seething Wells / Attila The Stockbroker – Radical Wallpaper Records 1981

  Seething Wells– Godzilla Vs The Tetley Bittermen / Police Dog / Cadillacs In Bradford / Agro-Britain! / Ha Ha Ha Attila The Stockbroker– A Bang And A Wimpy / Pap Music For Wreck People / Andy Is A Corportist / I Don’t Talk To Popstars / Foyer Bar / They Must Be Russians / […]

Hagar The Womb – Xntrix Studio sessions / rehearsals – 1982

Truth / Polluted Ideals / Today’s Miss World / Dressed To Kill / Routine / Rabies / Silent Minority / Cardboard Theatre / Remalada / For The Ferryman / Armchair Observer / ? Rehearsal 1 inc ‘Dressed To Kill’ and ‘Rock And Roll’ Rehearsal 2 mainly JFB playing guitar Indebted to Jon From Bromley for the lend […]

Happy Summer Solstice 2009 – Zounds – Leiden, Holland – 1982

In the Pagan Celtic year, there are four major Sabbats or harvest festivals and four lesser Sabbats, also known as solar festivals. Litha is one of the lesser Sabbats and is also known as Summer Solstice, Midsummer, Gathering Day and Vestalia.   Typically celebrated on June 21st, Litha is the longest day of the year […]

Congratulations to Al Puppy for gaining his master degree in Philosophy

Alistair Livingstone, the great man, one time ex Kill Your Pet Puppy fanzine scribe, All The Madmen Records head honcho (apres The Mob and pre Rob Challice) sometime writer and commentator on this site succesfully passed his degree on July 15th for the work he submitted on the Galloway Levellers. You can view Al’s work HERE Well […]

Amebix / Flux Of Pink Indians / The System – Fulham Greyhound, London – 21+22/01/83

21/01/83 Amebix Flux Of Pink Indians 22/01/83 The System Flux Of Pink Indians I still have a handful of cassettes belonging to Jon From Bromley for uploading onto this site, but for now I am just slipping a couple of cassettes lent to me by Martin (ex Flux Of Pink Indians drummer and fellow THFC supporter – photo below). The first […]