In Remembrance of Alistair Livingston also known as Al Puppy

Our friend and fellow ‘Puppy’, Alistair Livingston passed on after a short illness on the 3rd November 2018. I am in shock. In the 1980’s, AL was a leading light in the Puppy Collective, Black Sheep Housing Co-op and All The Madmen Records. From 2007 through his Green Galloway blog, Alistair battled to bring attention […]

Ripped And Torn Book – Ecstatic Peace Library – 2018

“People keep asking if I’m going to write a book about this stuff, which is preposterous; so this (the Ripped And Torn website) is the beginnings of that work” Tony D – October 2011 Well, the book took pretty much exactly seven years to finally be published with the invaluable help, and enthusiasm of Thurston […]

The Astronauts – All The Madmen Records – 1983 – 1987 / Blood And Roses – Kamera Records – 1983 / Tribesman – Boa Records – 1979 / Peter Tosh – Intel HIM Diplo Records – 1973 / Crass – Aklam Hall – 1979

The Astronauts – All The Madmen Records – 1983 Side 1 The Astronauts – All The Madmen Records – 1983 Side 2 ‘It’s All Done By Mirrors’ released on All The Madmen Records was the first album by The Astronauts that I bought. I retrospectively bought the debut album ‘Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs’ shortly […]

FAKE NEWS CORP – Donny Takes A Trip – 2018

PLEASE SHARE ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA AS YOU SEE FIT, TO HELP SHINE A LIGHT ON THE HARD STRUGGLE AGAINST THE FORCES OF FASCISM IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Fake News Corp is an alliance of disparate souls who wanted to manifest their opposition to the ‘alt-President of the USA’ in a rousing song. We can’t […]

CRASS – Wapping Autonomy Centre – December 1981 / Witham Labour Hall – April 1981 / Members Of Crass Discussing Various Subjects At Dial House – 1983 / Dial House Interview For French Radio – 1985 / Conway Hall – May 1979 / JJJ Radio Documentary – 1987

An absolutely insane SEVENTY minute performance from Crass performing all the songs featured in the set at a very fast rate with barely any interruptions. Billed as ‘Shaved Women’ rather than Crass, this is the first and only time that the band performed in a venue that they had a part in setting up. For […]

Annie Anxiety – Cyanide Tears – Alternative Mixes – 1981 / Rema Rema – 1978 & 1979 – Inflammable Material Records – 2014 & 2015 / The Snipers – Crass Records – 1981 / Colin Conflict and Steve Ignorant Discuss The Brixton Academy Gig 1987 / Honey Bane – Sounds Weekly Music Paper Interview – 1983 / Nox Mortis – Demo Cassette Tape – 1987

Annie Anxiety – Cyanide Tears – Mix 1 Annie Anxiety – Cyanide Tears – Mix 2 Presenting two mixes of Annie Anxiety’s ‘Cyanide Tears’. Both mixes are from the original Southern Studio recordings. The song ‘Cyanide Tears’ is intense, and both mixes are altered enough to be worthy of inclusion on this YouTube post. The […]

Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night – Richard Cabut Resonance FM Interview

This interview with Richard Cabut was recorded at the Resonance studio in Borough, London, mid-November 2017, but has remained unaired due to administrative difficulties. It was chaired and produced by Mr A.U – an outstanding job, thank you. The raw audio of Richard Cabut talking about the book is available here and now on the […]

James Waynes / 101’ers / The Clash – Dedicated to Joe Strummer 21/08/52 – 22/12/02

Fifteen years ago today Joe Strummer passed on. Here is a You Tube post dedicated to him, and one of the songs that followed Joe throughout the years. “Junco Partner” is an American blues song first recorded by James Waynes in 1951. It has been recorded and revised by many other artists over several decades, […]

Charles Manson – Fierce Records – 1985 / Blyth Power – Street Level Demos – 1985 & 1986 / Psychic TV – Basildon Peace Festival – 1986 / Various Artists – Folk In Hell – F.O Records – 1981 / Undivided Roots – Well Crucial Records – 1982 / Prince Far I & Suns Of Arqa – B.B.C Session – 1982

Charles Manson – Side A Charles Manson – Side B The true identity of Lance Fairweather has puzzled Mansonist scholars for years and probably never will be revealed. Apparently, the man valued his anonymity as much as his life, for reasons that will become obvious from the following account. We do know that he was […]