The Mob – Yeovil – October 2011

The Mob will be performing in Yeovil on October 14th at the Quicksilver Mail pub. This performance is in tribute to the late Wilf who along with Steve Batty under the guise of Cracked Image Graffix supplied the artwork for most of the posters and flyers and to all The Mob’s record releases in the […]

Margates Hidden Youth Culture History – Turner Contemporary Gallery – September 2011

Iain Aitch’s photograph exhibition of Margate’s old punks, skins, mods, rockers, rockabillies and other youth culture opens up on 17th September 2011 at the Turner Contemporary in Margate, alongside work by Peter Blake, Andy Warhol and David Hockney. The exhibition also shows off a selection of printed matter, flyers, fanzines etc from the Toby Mott […]

The Grotty Hand Of Wilf art exhibition – Yeovil – October 2011

There is soon to be an exhibition in Yeovil of the late Wilf’s artwork. Amongst other works Wilf created the artwork that was used on all the Mob’s vinyl sleeves as well as some other early All The Madmen record releases, The Review, Andy Stratton etc. At the moment the exhibition has collated some artwork […]

Kill Your Pet Puppy Picnic – September 2011

Title: Kill Your Pet Puppy Picnic Location: Highgate Wood Date: 10/09/2011 Start Time: 14:00 End Time: 20:00 Description: Decided against Regent’s Park as there wasn’t much enthusiasm for it & nobody knew a good spot to have it there. Decided to have it at Highgate Wood again as the last one there 3 years ago was […]

Weird Tales 2011 gig with The Mob, Zounds, The Astronauts and The Hamsters

After a gap of thirty one years, some of the bands that performed on the original Jonathan Barnett inspired Weird Tales tours from 1979 and 1980 are back together to perform again on 18th November 2011. The Mob. Anyone that was lucky enough to get a ticket for Bristol reunion performance in April or be […]

The Mob’s original line up will be performing at Bristol in April 2011

The original three members of The Mob that recorded the first two singles ‘Crying Again’ and ‘Witchhunt’ as well as loads of material on the Fuck Off / Weird Tales tape labels are happy to confirm that The Mob, Zounds and Insurrection will be performing at the Fleece in Bristol on Friday 8th April 2011. Other bands […]

Forthcoming Events And KYPP Meet Ups

The Gatherers – Words Of My Mouth The Upsetters – Words Of Mouth Version This is a seperate post for any browsers to advertise any forthcoming events, gigs, parties or just any small meet ups in your local areas. Please make comments or adverts relevent to Kill Your Pet Puppy online browsers. Spearmint Rhino visits may not […]