A message from Andy Martin of The Apostles

Andy Martin 3rd EP session

I assume the ‘Ian S’ is Ian Slaughter? If so then ‘hello Ian’. Any comment here purporting to come from me I actually have to send via e-mail to Andus first because I am unable to contribute to sites like these for technological reasons. There have been 2 or 3 people sent out greetings to me on this site but they’ve not left their e-mail addresses so I couldn’t respond to them even if I wanted to. I only see excerpts from this site when Andus sends them to me – usually when there’s some stupid argument about who played what instrument in The Creeping Nobodies in 1983 and which audience member stole their glue bag etc. It’s bizarre reading comments by people discussing The Apostles when I had forgotten about all that crap by 1990. This doesn’t apply to you, Ian, but it’s such a pain having to use Andus to post these comments I’ll say it here as I’m hardly going to be a regular contributor to this thing. So, for the record: punk died in the 1980s. The 1980s are gone and they’re not coming back. Punk is dead and it’s not coming back. Instead of droning on and on about what you did in the 1980s and who hit who at this or that gig, why not concentrate on what’s happening NOW and THINK AHEAD! Just a thought.

In case anyone else out there wants to release Apostles stuff on vinyl or CD – fine but please ask Dave Fanning first, purely out of politeness and common courtesy. For myself, I think ALL the tracks we’ve ever released should be available as free downloads. If I had my way, UNIT would no longer release CDs – they waste natural resources anyway – but the artwork and music tracks would be issued purely as digital downloads FOR FREE since that way our music is no longer a part of the capitalist commodity exchange. Never mind about that hoary old argument ‘oh but then you won’t make any money from sales of your music’ well we don’t make any bloody money from sales of our CDs anyway so who cares? If I want to make a profit, I work overtime or find another job – music, art and literature should all be free.

Also, thanks to the excerpts Andus sends me from this site, I have now counted no less than 4 occasions when poor Penguin The Peacemaker has had to jump in like a referee with ’steady on, chaps, keep it civil’ type messages. Penguin, referees are generally paid damned good wages – so you should start charging KYPP a decent fee.

If anyone wants to have a go at me (they usually do) then it’s no good posting angry retorts on this site (unless you want to see how long it takes for Penguin to leap in with ‘come on, folks, calm down, keep it friendly’), instead you can pester me at unitunited@yahoo.com.


Penguin, you may copy and make available for FREE DOWNLOAD any tracks by UNIT on your site. Forget The Apostles, they were crap, they were for the 1980s, they aren’t relevant any more and, be honest, we really weren’t very good – the only half decent musician we had in the band was Chris Low and by the time I’d finished ‘mixing’ the tracks you couldn’t hear what the poor sod was playing anyway – hear the tracks done properly with UNIT, especially as nearly half the tracks recorded by UNIT don’t even have me on them (which is probably why they sound so good).
The same goes for any artwork – bung it all on there, whatever you like – but I think if you’re going to make Time To Think available then you could warn people that UNIT material does NOT sound like that, i.e. it is recorded properly in a professional recording studio and that I am never allowed anywhere near the mixing desk so everyone can expect a decent production job!
  1. Chris
    June 15, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Spanner
    January 20, 2024 at 1:09 pm

    That’s almost 15 years I’ve been waiting for this remastered EP to surface? It was a good idea I guess… can’t you make like the Beatles and use ai bullshit to resurrect those old records?!

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