Flowers In The Dustbin – Freaks – 1983 / The Mob – Greek radio interview – 2012 / Getting The Fear – demo cassette – 1984 / Blood And Roses – Remastered cassette – 1982 / Zos Kia & Coil – Berlin Atonal – 1983 / Attack Punk Records – 1982 – 1984

A KYPP catch up on recent You Tube posts that have been published recently.

Folk that know me, know of my fondness for Flowers In The Dustbin, at one point in time my favourite band from that scene! Shambolic performances and some wonderful vinyl released.

Indebted to Gerard for the informative text below from the original KYPP post HERE

Flowers In The Dustbin were doing a gig at the Roxborough Tavern in Harrow when Mick Lugworm came up and asked us if we wanted to do a record on All The Madmen records. It was a complete surprise – we hadn’t even considered a record at that point. But it was full of good omens for me. David Bowie’s ‘mad’ brother was in “Cane Hill loony bin”, which was my local (so to speak) – so doing a record on a label named after the song Bowie wrote about him was neat, particularly given our fondness for utilising the Doors ‘all the children are insane’ line.

Freaks was recorded after Si (guitar) and Bill (drums) had been in the band less than a week. Bill had filled in on drums with us before however, and none of the songs required a Jimmy Page level of competence for Si to learn.

Finding a studio was done via that traditional rock n roll grapevine, the local Yellow Pages. I found one just around the corner from my old school, which at the time seemed some kind of fitting, if ill-defined, revenge. We booked two days and invited old friend – and This Bitter Lesson chanteuse – Claire Taylor to put some extra vocals on it. I thought Claire was a Goddess and her voice was liquid velvet and so could take the edge off my own perceived vocal shortcomings. Also it seemed a good idea to have a woman singing at a time when the only female punk vocals around seemed to be aping the numbing aggressive shouting of their male counterparts.

Back to the recording. To cut a long story short I lost my voice and consequently missed the two days recording, having to book a third a week later when I was better. So I can’t relay too much about it other than to say there was some muso tinkering with the Pocketful Of Gold guitar line I’d written to make it more ‘tuneful’. While the cats away, da-da – decays.


Journeys End
Last Tango In Vietnam
Stuck On A Stick
Pocketful Of Gold
True Courage

Clair from This Bitter Lesson may be heard on my YouTube post HERE


Uploaded tonight is the very first radio interview with members of The Mob after the band had reformed late on in 2010 ready for The Mob’s first performance in April 2011 at Bristol Fleece.

The radio interview was conducted on The Mob’s very first overseas visit (since the reformation) in a small studio in the Greek capital of Athens on February 17th 2012. The Mob performed two gigs while in Athens.

Around a week prior to The Mob’s visit to Greece troubles occurred on the streets of Athens.

The original KYPP feature and radio download in four parts HERE

Originally I had the raw downloads of this radio interview separated in four parts which I shared on KYPP. The four parts join together on this YouTube post so you might hear a slight repeat of the discussion as the joins occur. I also left all the Greek language and the adverts in, there was no editing from me at the time (as far as I recall) so you are hearing the radio interview as you would have done if you were listening to it on the radio at that time in Athens.

Most of the artifacts scanned at 300 dpi for the images accompanying this YouTube post are from my collection except for:

The original rising sun / flower artwork for the ‘Let The Tribe’ album (that was not used). The Mob backdrop (first image) and the original ‘Youth’ single artwork(that was not used either).
All this original artwork was created by Wilf, and they are on this YouTube post courtesy of Mark from The Mob.

Andy Tuck from Yeovil also supplied The Mob’s ‘screaming man’ stencil sprayed on green. Andy also supplied the original artwork drawn and coloured by Wilf of Mark from The Mob crouching against a backdrop used by The Mob. An image made (in)famous as the cover of Punk Lives magazine 1983.

Getting The Fear were made up of the three members of Southern Death Cult that were still standing after Ian Astbury went west, along with Bee, an ex member of Danse Society.
In the bands short life span, a live performance was a genuine celebration. The record that was released eventually on R.C.A was not such a celebration. In my opinion, the four songs on this demo cassette tape, are the real deal.

This cassette tape was given to me by Genesis P’Orridge of Psychic TV in Beck Road, Hackney, during one of my visits there.
A nice personalised cassette tape of the earliest demos (I believe) that Getting The Fear recorded together.

The sleeve artwork for this cassette tape is an original pencil and ink drawing of Getting The Fear vocalist Bee, drawn by Bee himself according to Genesis P’Orridge, making my copy (Gen’s old copy) of the demo cassette tape all the more special.

Spirit Ov Youth
Jeroen / Jerome

Further information and downloads HERE

Fifty minutes of the original ninety minute cassette that has been remastered by Bob Short.That equates to eighteen out of twenty eight tracks from the original 96 Tapes release. Originally Bob offered these remastered tracks for a KYPP post just in case anyone was interested in listening to them, as he has just spent a week or two trying to improve the quality!

I have now placed the results onto this YouTube channel.

My original cassette of ‘Life After Death’ I still own and treasure along with the ‘Necromantra’ 12″ single.

I liked this cassette so much that I carried it around in an old army surplus bag for a couple of years… My cassette survived a mugging down an alley near to Leicester Square when two kindly Scottish punks, one of them with Glasgow tattooed on his cheek, took that very same army surplus bag off of me after waving a large knife around my face. Their haul consisted of a cheese sandwich, a few fanzines, a sandwich bag (my wallet in those days) full of small change (which in those days was not quite so ‘small change’, although small enough for me not to give a rat’s arse). And finally the biggest ‘prize’, my Sony Walkman, which I managed to open up and remove the cassette as I was handing it to these kindly folk. When these two punks went west, accompanied by their thousand yard stares, I placed the cassette into it’s box which for a change was in my pocket due to me placing the cassette into my Sony Walkman just ten or so minutes before (in hindsight) an ill advised wander down an alleyway in W1 (Shine On Me).

Thanks to Bob Short for sending me the remastered tracks all the way from New South Wales and also for the text that he wrote out to accompany that KYPP post. Many thanks also to Andy Martin for the text he wrote on Blood And Roses and sent to me a few years ago, which was also added to the KYPP post.

The original KYPP post may be viewed HERE along with the audio download.

Thanks to Tony D for the use of his original flyers and original transcripts of a Blood And Roses interview (later used for Zig Zag magazine) and a review of a Blood And Roses performance.

The photographs that have been used to accompany the Blood And Roses audio feature some of the people and places relevant to Blood And Roses. Those photographs have been swiped and scanned from the collections of Tony D, Mick ‘Lugworm’, Min, Phil Ritchie, Stewart ‘Jelly Fish’, Mick Mercer, Tod Hanson and the much missed Lisa Burrell R.I.P.


01/ Scenario (Rehearsal 1981)

02/ Louie Louie (Rehearsal 1981)

03/ Paradise (Rehearsal 1981)

04/ I’m Waiting For My Man (Rehearsal 1981)

05/ Jesus (Clarendon Hotel 1981)

06/ Roles (Rehearsal 1981)

07/ Product Of Love (Clarendon Hotel 1981)

08/ Sympathy (Rehearsal 1981)

09/ Mummy (Clarendon Hotel 1981)

10/ Strychnine (Rehearsal 1981)

11/ Your Sin Is Your Salvation (8 Track Demo)

12/ Curse On You (8 Track Demo)

13/ Necromantra (8 Track Demo)

14/ Spit upon Your Grave (16 Track Demo)

15/ Possession (16 Track Demo)

16/ Tomorrow (8 Track Demo)

17/ Your Sin Is Your Salvation (Dub) (Casenove Road Demo)

18/ Love Under Will (8 Track Demo)

The first recordings available from Zos Kia and Coil.

Zos Kia went on to release a 7″ record on the All The Madmen record label in 1984, which was then reissued in 1986 on the same record label as a 12″ E.P. Zos Kia also released two 12″ records on Psychic TV’s Temple record label in 1985 and 1987 and promptly vanished. Coil’s first vinyl came via the L.A.Y.L.A.H and K422 record labels, and of course Coil were active for several decades.

The photographs are all from Min’s collection.

A snippet of information on the KYPP post HERE

Almost two hours of mostly lo-fi thrash punk tracks (CCCP being the slight exception) by various bands on seven records released in the early 1980’s on the Attack Punk record label. The Attack Punk record label was based around the Marxist / Anarchist stronghold of Bologna in Italy, and all records were pressed up in red vinyl and all had magnificent sleeves and / or booklets.

Far too much to write about all the releases so I will not bother. I have although, already composed a KYPP post on the Attack Punk record label some years ago that may be viewed


For the record, Sottocultura ‘Attack’ is the lo-fi thrash punk track that melts my brain every time I hear it. Fast forward on the video to twenty seven minutes thirty seconds, jump around and bounce off the walls. It only lasts two minutes twenty seconds so you can rest afterwards.

  1. jockney
    December 3, 2015 at 12:53 am

    Many years ago i was on my way to see FITD play in forest gate, i was driving and had picked my then
    girlfriend up from her house in hornchurch and as i was driving around ‘roneo corner’ in romford 2 girls/children on push bikes rode out from an alleyway without looking and straight on to a pelican crossing. The first girl made it, the second went bouncing off my vans bonnet. I had the steering wheel clenched unable to let go and my eyes screwed shut as i hit the brakes. My girlfriend grabbed my arm and shouted ‘she’s alive’ and a voice outside my window shouted ‘it’s not your fault’. I opened my eyes to see a terrified kid hopping on one leg and an ambulance next to me(it was directly behind my vehicle when i hit her).She was a very lucky girl,her bike was fucked but she got away with some bad bruising on her leg and backside. The police came and upon confirming it was no fault of mine told me that if i had killed her i would not be prosecuted because the law stated that cyclists dismount at a crossing and go by foot. Anyway we eventually made it to the gig,all i recall is being genuinely touched by the song ‘dont laugh at me’. What a shit way to remember a band by.

  2. Penguin
    Penguin • Post Author •
    December 3, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    Thanks for that Jockney. It must have been pretty harrowing. Thanks for sharing.

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