Dead Man’s Shadow / Action Pact – Fresh Records 1981

Dead Man’s Shadow – Police Force / Danger UXB

Action Pact – London Bouncers / All Purpose Action Footwear

Two bands hailing from Stanwell, (very) west London, on a split single together.

Not really sure why I stuck this up, just did really…

Dead Man’s Shadow is the pick of the EP, although the 15 year old singer for Action Pact does give it a good go, even if the lyrics are rather, well…you know, not great.

Both bands went onto much better things a couple of years later, with the ‘4P’s’ LP by Dead Man’s Shadow and ‘Mercury Theatre’ LP by Action Pact which are both well worth listening to.

Think you could call this EP an apprenticeship…

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  1. Nic
    May 25, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I haven’t heard this for a long time…

    I downloaded the Dead Mans Shadow ‘Neighbours’ ep a while back as I found the track ‘Poxy Politics’ kept running around my head: it was as I remember it – pretty throwaway but fun…

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