The Mob / Patrik Fitzgerald / Hagar The Womb / Idiot Strength / Shocks Of Mighty! – Bristol Feece – 24/02/12

On a glorious bright late winters day, this Penguin sat back and wondered what will Hagar The Womb sound like after twenty five years in the wilderness? The Mob were in the wilderness even longer and decided to perform the debut reformation gig at this very same venue in Bristol last April. From the Mob’s […]

Hagar The Womb / We Are Going To Eat You – 69 Tapes – 1985 / 1986

Hagar The Womb – Increase The Pantomime – Adam And Eves Leeds 11/12/85 We Are Going To Eat You – Four Heads Feast  – Side One We Are Going To Eat You – Four Heads Feast  – Side Two The very last time that I witnessed a Hagar The Womb performance was in the middle […]

Hagar The Womb – Xntrix Studio sessions / rehearsals – 1982

Truth / Polluted Ideals / Today’s Miss World / Dressed To Kill / Routine / Rabies / Silent Minority / Cardboard Theatre / Remalada / For The Ferryman / Armchair Observer / ? Rehearsal 1 inc ‘Dressed To Kill’ and ‘Rock And Roll’ Rehearsal 2 mainly JFB playing guitar Indebted to Jon From Bromley for the lend […]

Hagar The Womb – Pied Bull, Islington, London, N1 – 03/09/82

Polluted Ideals / Today’s Miss World / Dressed To Kill / Routine Babies / Cardboard Theatre / Silent Minority / For The Ferryman / Armchair Observer / By Force / Dressed To Kill / Rock ‘N’ Roll  A recording from the crowd of the normally chaotic Hagar The Womb live experience, lent to me by […]

Diary Of An Anarcho-Goth-Punk Fiend: An essay by Al Puppy

THIS POST HAS BEEN BROUGHT FORWARD FROM THE ORIGINAL POSTING DATE OF DECEMBER 2007 – IN REMBERENCE OF ALISTAIR  I found a diary I kept through 1983. Here are some edited highlights. Of interest is the movement on from punk (anarcho / goth) towards first Psychic TV and second Stonehenge, but also the politics – […]

Subway Surfing Anarcho-Goths: An essay by Al Puppy

Subway Surfing Anarcho-Goths Legend has it that when Tony D first saw Jeremy Gluck of The Barracudas, he was carrying a surfboard down an escalator at Holborn tube station in 1978. The Barracudas were a surf-punk band, celebrating early sixties California in late seventies London. They even had a hit in (?) with ‘I Want […]

In Remembrance of Alistair Livingston also known as Al Puppy

Our friend and fellow ‘Puppy’, Alistair Livingston passed on after a short illness on the 3rd November 2018. I am in shock. In the 1980’s, AL was a leading light in the Puppy Collective, Black Sheep Housing Co-op and All The Madmen Records. From 2007 through his Green Galloway blog, Alistair battled to bring attention […]

CRASS – Wapping Autonomy Centre – December 1981 / Witham Labour Hall – April 1981 / Members Of Crass Discussing Various Subjects At Dial House – 1983 / Dial House Interview For French Radio – 1985 / Conway Hall – May 1979 / JJJ Radio Documentary – 1987

An absolutely insane SEVENTY minute performance from Crass performing all the songs featured in the set at a very fast rate with barely any interruptions. Billed as ‘Shaved Women’ rather than Crass, this is the first and only time that the band performed in a venue that they had a part in setting up. For […]