A.P.B. Oily Records 1982

Rainy Day

From You And Back Again

Formed in a Scottish outpost near Aberdeen in 1979, going through the stages of new wave in the early years, A.P.B. created a much funkier sound towards the release of this single, the fourth that the band had released on local label Oily Records. After this record and several sessions for late evening and late night Radio One, the band discovered they were quite popular in the undergound clubs of New York. This was the direction they eventually travelled towards.

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One thought on “A.P.B. Oily Records 1982”

  1. the bassist in APB was the van-driver for 80s B-Line Matchbox Disaster when they supported a crap band I was in a few years ago on a UK tour. Was a very nice guy.

    I’ve seen APB records selling for a MINT in Tokyo.

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