The Ramones – Utah University, U.S. – 13/10/79

Blitzkreig Bop / Teenage Labotomy / Rockaway Beach / I Dont Want You / Go Mental / Shock Treatment / Rock And Roll High School / Sedated / Something To Do / She’s The One / I Am Against It / Sheena Is A Punk / Havana Affair / See You Again / Needles And Pins / I Am Addicted / I Want You Around / Surfin Bird / Cretin Hop / Don’t Wanna Walk

Around With You / Pinhead / Do you Wanna Dance? / Suzy Is A Headbanger / Let’s Dance / Chinese Rocks / Judy Is A Punk / Happy Family

A performance recorded professionally by W.N.U.R. (radio station) and broadcast on the airwaves to the U.S. public. Marky Ramone on the drums at this stage, as Tommy Ramone had left the stool vacant in 1978, concentrating on managing the band and producing the LP ‘Road To Ruin’.

Anyway everybody loves The Ramones, so turn the speakers to 11 and welcome some two and a half minute  pop-tinged punk tunes, performed by a bunch of head bangers, into your life. All together now “One, Two, Three, Four”!

  1. Henry Ponds
    Henry Ponds
    October 17, 2011 at 5:18 am

    I never saw The Ramones and surely could have. I kick myself every time I hear their now classic oldies!!! Cheers! HP

  2. Henry Ponds
    Henry Ponds
    October 17, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Are you sure this is live at Utah University? I heard Joey say ” It’s nice to be here at North-Western!” which is a University in Illinois near Chicago hometown of Al Capone aka Scarface the REAL (BADASS!) ONE!!! Cheers1,HenryPonds P.S. Thanks! IT KICKS ASS wherever it was!!!

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