The Apostles – Private Practice Tape – 1982

Asian Youth Returns / Chinese Rocks / Rediffusion Refugee / Skin Deep / Pakistan By Ten Wickets  I Remember / Illegal Immigrant / Kings Cross etc / Asian Youth

From the personal collection of Chris Low, recorded and sent from Andy Martin to Chris Low in late 1982. Chris is not 100% sure of the line up, Andy Martin, Dave Fanning definately, John Soares more than likely, and either Martin Smith or Kev Bass on drums.

Decent version of Skin Deep on this tape.

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  1. Chris
    February 6, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    I’d say this is the period at which The Apostles were at their best, and this tape is a pretty good introduction to when they were simply making music for THEMSELVES rather than later on when I feel the desire to be iconoclastic and avoid categorisation became for the band almost a musical ‘raison d’etre’ in itself.

    For those who may be interested I have a feeling that ‘Chinese Rocks’ may have been recorded with Razzle on drums. He was originally drummer in The Dark and a mate of Daves who played with The Apostles for a while before leaving to devote himself to his new band, Hanoi Rocks, later being killed in a car crash due to the singer of Motley Crue being off his face. ‘Pakistan by ten wickets’ was one of many different versions of the song that was entitled ‘Class War’ and recorded on the 2nd EP. IMO the best version ever recorded was called “Oi You, Cunt” which sadly i don’t think I have any more. ‘I remember’ is one of a number of tracks Andy recorded after he and Ian Slaughter discovered the wonders of Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugend etc. Andy spraying the walls of his room with the words to “Right To Kill” ! Think Ian may have made the tape collage/backing tracks to this. ‘Illegal Immigrant’ is one of my all time favourite Apostles tracks and the version here is the one with either Martha Moscow or Flump singing. there was another version recorded with Andy singing which I’m sure i’ve still got. Think John Soares is singing on this version of ‘Kings Cross Etc’. and ‘Asian Youth’ is a cover version of a song by Southall Asian band ‘Alien Culture’ who only ever released one single (on the RAR label? haven’t got my copy to hand) and i’m sure featured on some TV programme back then (Riverside or Ready Steady Go?) Andy knew them and gave me a copy of their demo which, again, i’ll try to look out some time.

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