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  1. AL Puppy
    AL Puppy
    November 19, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Syd Barrett was a punk rocker… hang on just had a flash of deja vu – or is it just a carry over from The Soft Boys/ Vegetable Man comment I made earlier?

    Doesn’t help that I am not listening to the TVPS, but listening to some 25 year old + tapes trying to work out if they are still listenable. Its the archaeology of punk. Tape playing now is some early Blood and Roses demos, but it keeps speeding up and slowing down and one track over-recorded with some song off the radio.

    Right at the end of side one there is a sample/ quote from a tape of Tony Puppy’s interview with Bob- the Zig Zag one which is on here. Bob says:

    “They can exploit me, they can exploit the band, but they can never exploit the idea… ”

    and then the tape cuts to Blood and Roses live at Centro Iberico – Love under Will and Curse on You. Lisa’s vocal on Curse on You is still -scary.The sheer venom with which she spits out “I put a curse on you… there is nothing left for me to say… except I HATE YOU….” and the anarchist punks call out for “More….”

    What had happened was that the other bands on that night over ran, so Blood and Roses only got to play two songs. So – so they took the stage, incandescent with rage and laid waste to half of west London.

    Then another jump to Adam and the Ants – the song “Dirk Wears White Socks”, the version we spent hours playing and replaying trying to work out the words… “gotta concentrate on camp, in a concentration camp”.

    The sound coming and going , it is like listening to a pirate radio station, an AM/ medium wave ….from a long time ago, ‘beaming waves from the sea’ … dark and dangerous, disturbing. Occult punk, weaving spells and invoking demons. Really dangerous demons- having just watched ‘Downfall’ on tv, last days of Hitler in Berlin. Going to save this now and recycle as a longer article.

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