Ripped & Torn stuff now in the photo gallery

For those who wanted the Edwyn Collins pieces he wrote for Ripped & Torn:

I’ve trawled through the early editions and found a piece in R&T on the band Jolt which I’ve hand written onto the page, with the acknowledgement “edited down from a letter sent to me by Robert Collins”.

This is now in the photo gallery in a new album called ‘Ripped and Torn bits”.

I do not own a copy of R&T4, and I think the Record Shop Review is in this issue. I think the Record Shop Review is by Edwyn.

If Robert Collins is Edwyn, there you go.

If anyone has R&T4 and wants to email over a scan of Edwyn/Robert Collins piece please do so.


Starring Alex Fergusson and Sandy Robertson.

The interview with the Nobodies from R&T2 is also now in the R&T album. This relates to the various Psychic TV posts and comments.

Shortcut for the photo gallery here

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  1. Doug
    June 4, 2008 at 2:56 pm


    I can confirm that the letter re. the Jolt was definitely written by Robert Collins, the Jolt guitarist. I read your article when it came out, contacted you and got a contact number for the band from you. I managed to convince them that I was deranged enough to manage them…and a couple of years of madness followed – all thanks to your original article.

    Hope that clarifies the Robert/Edwyn thing to some degree.



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