Hellbastard – Ripper Crust Cassette – 1986

Intro / Nazis Killed / Massacre / Deceiver / Insanity / Death From Above / Life For Who? / Kill Or Be Killed / Outside Claustrophobia / Skag Kill Drug Pushers / And Now…

Gateshead based crust punk-metal band led by Stephen Lewty A.K.A Scruff (also at one time, an Apostle), grinding out 11 tracks of proper crust riffs for you to bang your head to. Scrumpy cider and / or Special Brew optional, but advised.

This demo cassette is the first release by Hellbastard who specialised in the kind of riffs that Deviated Instinct from Norwich were also fond of. Not a bad effort for the first twenty minutes, then sadly it gets slightly samey for the following twenty.

Still, if loud grinding riffs played in the most fuzzed up crust way is your thing, then this cassette is for you…

Martin, Ollie and Scruff in Recession Studios, Hackney during the recording of the fifth Apostles E.P. sometime in August 1984

  1. scruff lewty
    scruff lewty
    September 8, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Hallo Man, wait until you hear the NEW Hellbastard (2008) album. It definately wont leave u bored after 20 mins! I was browsing and found this……I was most impressed. Erm,I was in the studio with Andy Martin and UJ from UNIT very recently (this month) finishing off the new UNIT/IAN BONE/CLASS WAR thingy (double album,…cough, cough) and we had a ball. Thats a bloody great album/s! Andy plays some damn fine saxophone. Anyway, nice talking to you. Cheers, like.

    Scruff/Hellbastard/Fury 76 Recs/ 2008

  2. Penguin
    Penguin • Post Author •
    September 9, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    Hi Scruff, I am sure the Hellbastard vinyl will be rockin’. I will give it a listen at some point when released. Out of all genres, Celtic Frost, Prong and the UK speed metal scene, is the one genre I know least about. Although I have seen a load of those bands live at some point in my life.
    UJ is a nice guy, met him through UNIT who I have seen several times now, including a gig at Hausmans Bookshop in Kings Cross when Andy’s sax playing really did come off nicely. Look forward to the UNIT CD release. I have the other 12 or so recordings on CD. I only have about 30 CD’s in my possesion (I am a tape and vinyl guy) so pretty ironic that almost 50% of them are from one band, whose old band The Apostles released bucketloads of material!

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