Blyth Power – Streetlevel Demo – March 1984

Smoke From Cromwells Time / Hurling Time / Chevy Chase / The Rookery / Ffuck Mastike Room / My Lady’s Games / Fang Over Lip / Me And Mr Absolutely

The debut studio recordings by the just born Blyth Power, the band during 1984 was a three piece of Josef Porta on drums, Curtis on bass (both late of The Mob) and Neil from Faction on guitar. The two backing vocalists Sarah and Andy joined around the beginning of 1985 and the five piece line up made their live debut at The Pinder Of Wakefield pub in Kings Cross in Febuary that year.

This tape is absolutely wonderful (although I am sure Josef would disagree) and set the stage for this band to become one of the most exciting nights out throughout 1984 right through to the original band’s demise in December 1986.

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