William Orbit Centro Iberico

William Orbit Centro

The story of William Orbit having his first studio at the Centro Iberico always seemed a bit unlikely, but just found the man himself has posted a set of photos, including some of inside the studio here

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  1. tonyb
    April 16, 2008 at 10:59 am

    in 1979 i played in a band for 3 months called The Position. I left the night before they played a gig with PragVec and a couple of other groups.My Bern (drummer.Started Lack Of Knowledge with me) came back raving about a bloke in one of the other bands who was mates with the position called William Orbit.He was around that whole Scritti/Rough Trade scene in 79/80 and 4AD type stuff later…

    Lack Of Knowledge recorded our third single at the little venice studio in 1985.

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