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Shit-Fi is a new magazine dedicated to in-depth coverage of underground, primitive, raw, marginal, politically radical, and esoteric music, with a focus on DIY, punk,  hardcore, and metal. Think Maximum Rocknroll meets October with Terveet Kädet rehearsal tapes playing in the background. This magazine was originally intended to be printed on paper, as we are ultimately old-fashioned, but financial constraints have led to this website. Please check the site often for updates.

Upcoming content includes Alien Kulture, UK/Irish Christian punk and powerpop, Exit Hippies, Confessions of a Synth Freak, Australian loser/loner records, and much more.

If you would like to contribute to Shit-Fi, please get in touch. We are looking for talented writers who love primitive or marginal music and who are willing to examine the political and economic aspects of the production of this music with clear eyes and ears, unclouded by the fog of commercial ambition. Special consideration given to writers knowledgeable about music other than punk and hardcore!

If your band is the type that would send a promo, we probably don’t want to hear it. But if your label, distro, or store believes in advertising, please
get in touch.


All content written by Stuart Schrader unless otherwise noted.

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