Andy Stratton (Null And Void) – All The Madmen Records – 1980

I Don’t Know

Evil Minds

The single by Andy Stratton ‘I Don’t Know / Evil Minds’ 7″ was recorded at Spaceward Studios in Cambridge and was released in 1980. Andy Stratton was a 16 year old from Somerset who hung out with The Mob. The drummer on this single was Graham Fallows, who was still a member of The Mob at the time. Andy never played out under his own name, but The Mob and Andy’s band Null And Void toured England in a converted bus until it broke down in 1981  around Brougham Road, Hackney in London. Andy and members of The Mob stayed on in London, Graham from The Mob did not, so a search was on for a replacement drummer for that band.

The single is an excellent punk pop affair, with the sound and feel of the Pete Fender and The Four Formulas 7″ called ‘Promises’ which was released on Poison Girl’s label Xntrix around the same time. Very Buzzcocks influenced. Pete Fender went on to record Andy Stratton’s band Null And Void later on in 1982.

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