The System – Unknown Venue – Unknown Date

The System in 1982?

How’s this for a bit of lazy journalism? One of Chris Low’s tapes with no details at all on the slip of paper stuck inside or on the tape itself. No dates, no track-listing…I do not know enough about the band to wax lyrical. The second 7″ single is on this site if you search and Nic describes them a little in the comments.

Also I get to fill up this rather lazy post with a picture sent in by Vince Vomit of D.I.R.T. who would like to know if anyone recognises some of the people in this shot, apart from members of Crass and D.I.R.T. who are in the shot obviously. Help out in comments if you can. Actually Vince where in the UK was the shot taken also what year, this info may help to fill in the gaps?

Bigger picture here

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12 comments on “The System – Unknown Venue – Unknown Date

  1. looks like rodney & curly from dunfermline front row 3rd+4th from left.

  2. This picture was taken in August 1982. Dirt were on tour with Crass and we played along side many different bands at each venue during the duration of the tour.
    My memory for faces is bad so i cant remember some of the people in the picture.
    Someone called us all outside the venue (what venue i’m not sure?) and took the photograph.

    Are you in the picture? or do you know someone in it?. I know most of the people on the right are Crass and Dirt and thats about it?.

  3. Penguin on said:

    07/09/82 The Grand Pavilion, Dunfermline
    08/09/82 Welfare Hall, Alenton
    10/09/82 Lourdes Hall, Dublin, Ireland
    11/09/82 Anarchy Centre, Belfast
    12/09/82 Anarchy Centre, Belfast
    14/09/82 Village Hall, Meifod
    15/09/82 Talbot Sandfields Youth Centre
    16/09/82 The Preston Centre, Yeovil
    17/09/82 St. Georges Hall, Exeter

    These are the dates for Sept 1982 Vince (none for Aug 1982). Chris post above he reckons he knows two from Dunfermaline so unless they followed on to Ireland, then at least we know the venue (above). Assume this would be setting up before the gig, not all meeting up the following morning?
    Well done Chris, would you know who supported at the Pavillion at all? Shame about the bleaching sun in all their faces though…makes it harder to make out features.

  4. don’t think that’s the Dunfermline Pavillion as that was a massive big venue in the middle of a park (hence its’ name, arf arf ;))

    that gig was crass, dirt, alternative and annie. i’ve got some photos i took at it somewhere i’ll try to look out and send micky.

    so it could have been some other tour but, yea, pretty sure some of The Alternative are there (i used to stay in a flat with their drummer for a while) – looking again think that’s Rice with the bleached hair in leather jacket and craig, the other singer, beside him.

    is the guy in the green flight jacket 4th along from the right at the back him out of ‘the hills have eyes’?

  5. Pedro on said:

    Is that Alternative’s Pad place? Stayed there one night but it was dark and I was drunk but looked a bit like that?
    Anyway, it’s sunny so it must be Scotland.

  6. chris on said:

    could well be, it was basically just a garage. just got an email from Trunt of Scrobe zine fame. Sure he’ll be along soon to help you out. he’s top boy at all that stuff.

  7. gee linktus on said:

    where ever it is you gotta dig those groovy anarchist uniforms 😉

    Does anyone know when Crass, Dirt and Living Legends played at St Philips hall in Swansea (possibly 1980 but may have been later)?

  8. The date was 24/09/1981

  9. Some of the people in that picture aren’t wearing all black..
    I’m f*%king disgusted…

  10. Penguin on said:

    Yeah absolutly Nic, specifically that twat up the top in a white fur coat.

  11. mrmagoom4 on said:

    tracklisting for system
    1.thought control
    2.prisoner of conscience
    3.there descisions
    4.born to lose
    6.nervous breakdown
    8.dogs of war
    9.there corruping ways

  12. victimsofviolence82 derek on said:

    hi,just saw this photo.and it has been taken outside” the pad” wich was the practise pad the “alternative” had in dunfermline and was taken the day after the gig in the glen.the alternative are there.some of the actives,mutal fear,who played at the gig.and some of the people who used the “pad”.all the best derek

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