What’s that song? Queries answered here…

Got the idea from Mark’s question regarding a dance Witch Hunt track, and this email I received: “Hi there, I’m trying to track down a song I heard on john peel somewhere between 79-82 I reckon.  it was a punky sounding song with a (from memory) shouted lyric ‘WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?’ – not much to go […]

Anarchistic United Mystics at James Street Squat 1979

   From my notes, The Long Acre/James Lane squat was home to some very radical people, some Chilean refugees, some members of a group called Bitch, some articulate punk/artist types and a fearsome South African brute who legend had it had cleared out all the junkies from the buildings. But the majority of inhabitants were […]

Greenham Common Festival

Myself and some Brougham Road types went to this 1982 festival. There is more print material about it in the photo gallery in the ‘Greenham Common Festival’ album. I’m sure I saw the Newtown Neurotics play here. This was the first non-Stonehenge free festival I’d done. Come back to London as Stonehenge finished at the end […]

1980 – Bob Short – extract from his book ‘Trash Can’

Doctor Death (not his real name) was about as bad an advertisement for five years worth of medical training as you could possibly imagine. It wasn’t so much the fact that he was a bad doctor . Whilst he was definitely crap in his chosen field, that was beside the point. It is just that […]

a punk magic marx chaos poetic moment (17/10/07)

 Had a punk magic marx chaos poetic moment tonight. pasted below two paragraphs of attempted explanation. AL I have a book I want to review for   www.killyourpetpuppy.co.uk It is called ‘Rebel Alliances’ by Ben Franks  {AK Press: 2006] and is a lengthy history  and review of contemporary British anarchism. There is not much in it […]

Moving from Covent Garden to the Old Street Fire Station, the summer of 1979: musings by Bob Short concerning glue, the occult, Crass and the terror of the skinhead threat.

Out near (what seemed like) the wilds of Old Street, we moved into a new squat. The Fire Station on Tabernacle Street was a five story building enclosing a central courtyard. Most of the upper levels were coated in a snowy white covering of petrified pigeon droppings. Downstairs was a very large basement where some […]