Stranglers – Strange Little Girl Video 1982 – KYPP connection?

Any Puppies out there know who the punks are towards the end of this video are at all?

Mark Wilson from Da Mob remembers the extras to be something to do with KYPP, but can not remember the names or many details. Help the guy out…Tony, Lugs, anyone?

Watch the video HERE

Comment if you recognise anyone please…King Road Punks yeah yeah yeah…

61 comments on “Stranglers – Strange Little Girl Video 1982 – KYPP connection?

  1. Ermm ok, how does one start a new thread then?

  2. chas on said:

    matt was after you steve, your predecessor was some kid called tony and it was that Blur, the guitarist from mouth almighty went on to play in a couple of brit pop bands (elastica?) too. The Lady Owen Arms was on goswell road- is demolished now but around 89-90 this guy called Paul Ronan (i think) put loads of bands on there and the Cricketers, Oval. He looked and behaved like a pirate and told me ‘your singers got a great pair of lungs and a great pair of tits to go with them’ – classy. We did loads of anti poll tax benefits – it would have been cheaper to pay the fucking thing!

    To return to the stranglers video – i’ll ask Frank how she got recruited to do it, that might shed some light on the original question.

  3. chas on said:

    I asked Frank how come she was in this video and they recruited people at gigs for the price of a free haircut – she was tapped up at a Damned gig she thinks, by a posh woman with a bodyguard to make sure the nasty punks didn’t spit on her.

  4. Val – you were there when the spanish girl came to Westbere rd Im quite sure of that: I was going to take her to see Jo B, but then she disappeared (the spanish girl) as quickly as she had appeared.

    On the subject of Jo Brocklehurst, does anyone know where you can get any of the postcards?

  5. bit of a derail, but i picked up a video of an old film i’d only ever seen before in the early ’80s called “THE MUSIC MACHINE”. It is essentially Saturday Night Fever, but set in Camden, and despite a certain “Ohh, look how it’s all changed…” and kitch value it is an utterly woeful movie.

  6. Hey, yes it was me and Ruth from Hagar. We got paid a tenner each and the main girl got £100 as she agreed to have her head shaved; the rest of us wimped out.

    We were also fed and spent a merry ten minutes pelting buns at a Sun photographer who ran and hid in a phone box. Whilst we continued to bombard him with bread products.

    My main memory – was of a group of us running up and down and shouting Jean Jacques at the top of our voices in cod French accents. We were very young and it made us laugh till we all got sore sides and hiccups.

  7. Hi Elaine, just checked and I said that you were in the video back in February. Nice to think my memory is not quite gone yet. ( I will be 50 v. v. soon and my kids are looking for early signs of senility. Callum is convinced people die when they get that old)

    AL Puppy

  8. Hi Alistair

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Scarey that all this stuff that we are talking about was over a quarter of a century ago! Well my knees and back can certainly contest to that. So many lifetimes and experiences have happened since but it is really good to know that between all of us we can pull together the memories.

    Keep well.


  9. John No Last Name on said:

    Hi Elaine,

    Great to see you posting on here and it’s funny the things we remember clear as day, for some reason I remember you being really excited because you and Jane had just been to Habitat and bought a garlic press. Not sure why I remember that exactly, but it may be because a quarter of a century later I finally know what one is and why they are cool.



  10. Dave "BANDEY" Morrison on said:

    Superb video saw for the first time in 20 years today.
    few names remembered from the postings here.
    Gerard, “Flowers In The Dustbin”, Ruth “Hagar The Womb”

  11. I was in this video, i was approached up the kings road and asked if i wanted to be in a video, they said they were looking for 50 mohican girls, i took my mate Diane (last known living in Milton Keynes) with me and her boyfriend Paul (Pink spikey hair), you can just see him looking over the shoulder of the girl with the ‘rock’ t shirt at 1:30 he didnt even have a mohican let alone the fact he was a bloke! but they must have been short of female extra’s as he is in the video, as is my mate, who is cutting the girls hair at 1:36. You can see them both stood together at 2:10. I got too bored with the whole thing, too many people pushing to get up the front, so you dont see me anywhere in the video…but good times all the same…

  12. Tony Puppy on said:

    Thanks Debbie. After they approached you did you film it then or did you have to go somewhere to film it?

  13. Debbie on said:

    No didnt film it right away. Presuming they must have given me contact details or a location, unfortunately it was so long ago now i cant remember any details of where it was filmed, other than it was somewhere in London sorry…

  14. There was Cambridge Circus location for the band, so maybe the rest was filmed nearby? Anyone who was in it remember?

    I knew a studio engineer called Aggi from Stoke Newington who maintained his sister was in this vid. I assumed this was the lead girl – but it could’ve been any of them!

  15. Troy Tempest. on said:

    Lisa used to hang out at the Queen Vic in Ealing. I met her at a club in Ladbroke Grove and introduced her to the many bands and musicians that inhabited that watering hole. She used to hang out with a girl called Maggi – (who was a bit strange herself).

    The filming was around King’s cross and bottom end of Totenham ct road ( as i remember her telling me).

    Don’t know what ever happened to Lisa except that she was in love with Whotty in the Exploited( i was in a band with his bro) and seemed to vanish one summer’s evening…Shame….

  16. Simon on said:

    Greetings, i know this doesn’t identify anyone per se but i’m sure the girl with the pink hair, ‘vive le rock’ shirt and kilt standing in the background during the head shaving scene 1:29 -1:43 was also interviewed in the UK/DK punk/skinhead film……the interview looked like a randon stop in the street type.

    Stranglers video here:

  17. Simon on said:

    following my last post

    here’s the UK/DK film

    the girl in question is from 31:55…is that her ?

  18. Apparently the real name of “Spanish Lisa” is Lisa Molinaro (according to the comments over at the Stranglers YouTube video).

  19. Further evidence of my theory that all the punk girls back in the day looked absolutely gorgeous whilst all the punk boys were grotty, spotty little oiks…

  20. Jah Pork Pie on said:

    With all this talk of spotty young men and Watty etc, can we look forward to a coffee table book of all the young punks entitled ‘Oik! The Album’? 🙂

  21. Hi – just to say that my friend Andrea and I were in the Stranglers video, we were approached in Kensington Market as we both had mohicans and the right look !!! , we were paid £10 for the day.

  22. i was just wondering if any of you know anything about krisha gural she is the girl towards the end in the dark blue cardigan with purle and black hair please let me know

  23. karen thurlow on said:

    Hi,just came across this site. I was a punk rocker in Manchester and frequented the clubs and watched various bands, drones etc. I seem to recognise the girl with the black Mohican at 1.48 (filmed by herself), is this girl Frank. please let me know

  24. Hi, I was in the video at about 2.31 – 2.32 (left of screen with a black mohican) – only a glimpse though…

  25. Alison on said:

    I was here on this video too ..I was approached and paid a tenner .could of only about 16\17 at the time .

  26. Julia on said:

    In the video at 1.51, black mohican and pink t-shirt, little Heather from Portsmouth.

  27. “There’s another girl I remember very well from the Music Machine days, on the extreme right as they come round a corner -she’s got huge hair.” Tony: Yep that’s right, that’s me, I used to buy Kill Your Pet Puppy’s from you there. One of the alleys where they filmed was Tower Court W2. I was supposed to be in the close up with Spanish Lisa too as we were supposed to be her friends, but I had to go back to the Netherlands. Me and Toe were recruited at a gig. Toe knew Lisa and they asked me to come along for the audition, so I went along just for fun.

  28. Jenny Hodder on said:

    Way late on this, but having a nostalgic moment haha
    I’m glad we all were paid the same rate, ten quid. I was recruited down Portabello Rd. My appearance is nanosecond around 1:45 and about 2 nanoseconds at 1:51 red and blue hair, on the left.

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