Gene Loves Jezebel – Situation Two Records – 1982 / 1983

Shaving My Neck / Sun And Insanity

Machismo / Glad To Be Alive

Screaming For Emmalene

So Young / No Voodoo Dollies

A decent couple of 12″ singles from Gene Loves Jezebel. When hearing these records I thought they were quite similar to the Virgin Prunes but without the ‘theatre’. This was no bad comparison as Virgin Prunes were pretty massive at the time.

I caught them live for the first time supporting Xmal Deutschland at The Clarendon venue in Hammersmith during the summer of 1983 and enjoyed the performance immensely. I witnessed several other performances after that support slot with Xmal but by 1985 Situation Two Records seemed to have been grooming the band for proper mega stardom. This era did not interest me at all (and in fact mega stardom was never actually achieved by the band as far as I know) so I knew next to nothing of what was released and when, after the initial two 12″ singles and the debut album ‘Promise’ released in 1984.

I understand that the two (twin) brothers fronting the band are performing in two separate GLJ’s around the world to this day though. Each brother not wanting anything to do with the other, unless contacted via lawyers.

Each separate GLJ band is trademarked in certain territories of the world, so effectively one GLJ band can not perform in one territory (USA for example) for risking breaching the copyright of the other band!

Shame really, if this is the case.

Sibling rivalries eh?

One comment on “Gene Loves Jezebel – Situation Two Records – 1982 / 1983

  1. Metal Mayhem mag on said:

    The most brilliant rock-screams ever were by backing vocalist and lyricist beautiful Kymille Lavina who appeared in Bruises video,although she was famous long before she often just hid it out and never bragged at all,she did Screaming for Emmalene,Scheming and so much more.Kymille was on stage for the bands important ICA London gig after which they received a recording contract,also for Ramones gig in LYCEUM ballroom London.Many goth gigs playing with a host of goth bands. Kymille-Lavina also legally married Skid Row Sebastian Bach or Bierk in 1985 and never told anyone.Kymille and Sebastian were signed and scheduled to appear on Ricki Lake show and a fan poisioned her in the lobby after offering sweets so Lavina Kymille asked the friend Sandra Maria to replace her on show.Lavina is still married to Sebastian.

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