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 We have a myspace – which begat this website:

 and a photobucket

for the overflow of photos that people sent in from the era.

What era?

That we’re still collating responses and writing our own feelings about.

More will come on here , words and people to discuss what happened when the media declared punk was dead and began promoting New Romantics, yet we lived. WE LIVED. We lived in squats and blah blah blah. It’ll be all over this site like a rash.

Downloads, do you know how to use myspace? I use it by going to our site then clicking on ‘view all friends’ then clicking on the images of things that interest me – this links to their site, their words/images/songs and their friends.

It’s possible to spend all day and all of the night doing this (I know I’m doing it now instead of writing stuff for this site). And it is all enjoyable.

Penguin’s All The Madmen Records site and his Mob fansite are very good, a decent place to link into stuff:

Just go to KYPP myspace or Penguin’s or Anarchos (below) and start clicking and enjoying. And…it’s all free!

There’s going to be some unique downloads available on this site soon starting with rare tracks from the 96 Tapes stable, some live Mob stuff and anything else we feel like slapping on!  Please come back and check Links / Download page out every now and again. Please remember also that some / most of these oxide tapes vinyl records are over 20 – 25 years old, and the quality may vary from track to track, artist to artist…Penguin has used some decent gear and software to get the music as clear as he can get it!

This myspace has one of the best collection of downloads and links available to humanity:

sounds crap but when you go there it’s called ‘Anarcho’. Has loads of links to bands’ myspaces and websites plus loads of links to free downloads from all over the place.

And I love this site:

What they say about themselves:

“You will find more than 5600 reviews of US punk and hardcore records in this database. If you don’t find your favorite record reviewed, it’s up to you to change this sad situation.

If you want to buy, sell or trade records, check out the record section.

If you want to know what FLEX is all about, read the intro to the original (printed) book.”

Psychic TV continue:

Genesis P. and KYPP paths have crossed continually, we are good friends, though we let each other continue their chosen paths independently.

Kill Your Pet Puppy contributer and All The Madmen Records gaffer of old, Alistair’s site is the more than wonderful…Lots of interesting essays posted weekly, check it on:

Support Nuzz long time sufferer of Stevenage Bowes Lyon House, now running his decent blog

That’s all for now folks…

4 thoughts on “Links & Downloads”

  1. what a fantastic site, if it wasn’t for that good chap and all round good fellow Nuzz linking I would never have found you, I am in aural ecstacy

    Crass, Flux, Rubella Ballet, the Straps and best of all Part 1 – what a site!

    BTW I still have a little lapel badge that has Kill Your Pet Puppy on it, bought at a gig sometime in the dim and distant, fuck knows what happened to all those fanzines

    Keep it up!

  2. absolutely brilliant website
    love the live Blyth Power recordings, ahh the memories…
    does anyone has a copy of a tape by Confession Of Sin? would love to hear that tape again

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