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The Apostles – Acid Stings Records – 1987

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Faith / How Much Longer? / Motorway Madness / One Saturday Night / The Island / Poor Martha She Meant Well / A Rebel Without A Conscience / Release The Natives / Burn The Witch / Pale Blue Eyes

Punk Squatters / The Witness / Pete The Plectrum / Fellow Sufferer / Fragments / The Stoke Newington Eight

Straight out of Welwyn Garden City via Robin Basak’s Zero fanzine empire comes the first vinyl release on Robin Basak’s Acid Stings Records.

Recorded in 1986 but released in 1987, this LP was meant to be the forth long playing release, alas the 3rd LP was held up by problems with Rot or Syndicate or Flow Motion Records, Lord (or possibly Andy Martin) knows who was actually going to release the ’3rd’ LP. None of those labels actually did!

The 3rd LP was released eventually by Acid Stings Records themselves, but after this uploaded 4th LP ‘How Much Longer’…confused yet?

Mostly Andy Martin and Dave Fanning perform on this LP with help on  a couple of tracks by Chris Widni and Scruff (from Hellbastard).

It is a decent LP with some delicate moments amongst the Alternative TV cover versions and general punk thumpers.

Lots more material on this site by The Apostles if you care to search for the posts.

Culture Shock – Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage – 05/06/87

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Intro / Circles / Punks On Postcards / United / Upside Down / Civilisation Street / Did You See? / Fast Forward / Mr X / Messed Up / The Fightings Over / Six Foot Rooms / Four Minutes / Stonehenge (part)

A great night out were Culture Shock at their peak in 1986 and 1987. This band’s vocalist and lyrical guru was Dick Lucas, late of the Subhumans, and later on in the decade vocalist of Citizen Fish. Culture Shock lasted only three years or so but in that time played hundreds of gigs all over the place, mainly benefits, lots of festivals, and especially Stonehenge (which by the time of Culture Shock’s lifespan was basically a police state the weeks leading up to and after the summer solstice). Competing only with Blyth Power, at this time, in the “How many van miles can we possibly squeeze in, with this vehicle?” stakes…The band always seemed to get great receptions, at least all the times I saw them, which was a hefty amount. This gig at my old stomping ground, sunday night punk gigs at Stevenage Bowes Lyon House. Went to this venue as a nipper, and grew  up with it a little bit through the years. This is a mixing desk quality gig that I got off the engineer on the night, it was my blank tape though!

Catchy punkyreggae tunes (this genre soon to become bigger with U.S. bands like Operation Ivy and Rancid towards the tail end of the 1980′s and early 1990′s). A bassist who performed in a seriously laid back manner, the rest of the band were well tight in comparison. The guitarist Nige died in 1993 well after Culture Shock had split up, which was sad. Culture Shock left us with a couple of tapes, some tracks on compilation singles and three LP’s which is not a bad output for a band that performed almost all year round solidly for three years!

Think all the studio stuff is still available on Bluurg Records.