Anhrefn – Radio Session 1987

Action Man / Defaid / Pryna Fi / Dawns Y Duwian

Excellent Clash / Manics style band from Bangor in Wales. Formed in 1983, the golden age for this band (in my opinion) was 1986 – 1987 when they played all other theĀ U.K. with some wonderfully uplifting sounds, recorded the first Peel session, uploaded here, and also released the brilliant ‘Defaid, Skateboards And Wellies’ LP on Workers Playtime Records. Always promoting the Welsh language but explaining the lyrics in English before hand at gigs, this band were definitely worth supporting…Always an enjoyable night out, a bit like Newtown Neurotics gigs. A second LP ‘Bwrw Cwrw’ also released on Workers Playtime Records in 1989 is worth hearing if you can get the chance.

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  1. eggbut Says:

    Date of this session aired was 04-08-86

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