Wasted Youth – Bridgehouse Records 1980

I’ll Remember You

My Friends Are Dead

Another great release from Wasted Youth (search this site for other Wasted Youth material). This session produced by Only One, Peter Perrett just after a tour with The Only Ones had been completed. A slight 1960’s feel to the tracks released on this record, which gives the band a little more depth, a little Teardrop Explodes influence can be heard throughout the a-side which is not a bad thing!

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1985 – 1988 All The Madmen Records and Distribution
1988 – 1991 King Penguin Distribution
1989 – 2018 Southern Studios / Southern Record Distribution

6 thoughts on “Wasted Youth – Bridgehouse Records 1980”

  1. Excellent band saw them many times including their last ever gig at the Venue (whatever happened to the Venue?) in Victoria. Got the impression that Ken Scott and the boys were a little bitter on that occasion that they had failed to do better on the the music scene. They certainly made their mark on me and many of their songs formed the soundtrack of my youth.

    Really interesting subject matter ranging from housewives committing suicide out of sheer boredom (Housewife) to confusion over sexuality (I Wish I Was A Girl) – these being two of my personal faves.

    I recently downloaded the excellent Wild and Wandering album from ITunes (I had been looking for it on MP3 for ages) and it still sounds as good today as it did in 1982.

  2. I agree, great band, live and on record. Now I’m off to download ‘all survivors’ from itunes.

  3. Just got the singles one off Itunes, add a touch of Psychedelic Furs to the Teardrop Explodes as well I reckon. They don’t make bands like they used to.

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