Verbal Warning – Union Rowing Club, Nottingham, 22/01/83

The gig performance by local  Nottingham band Verbal Warning that Conflict deemed not acceptable for the gentle punkers ears to listen to is here The band were a huge wind up though!

Verbal Warning got the plugs pulled by Conflict and with threats of violence toward the band from the audience, they quickly had it on their toes!

No tracklisting, thanks to Chris Low for the tape of this half gig (about 15 minutes).

Photographs from the performance courtesy of Miles ‘Rat Naplam’

28 comments on “Verbal Warning – Union Rowing Club, Nottingham, 22/01/83

  1. Ah, another classic!
    I was at this concert – and the vibe was definitely NOT in Verbal Warning’s favour: the general tone from the Conflict ‘camp’ was pretty negative, largely because of the bands song ‘Anarchy Ain’t the Answer’ which didn’t toe the party line (it was actually quite an incoherent rant, but the point was made regardless)…

    Napalm Death played a couple of concerts with Verbal Warning, including one at the Recession Klub in Hackney later in 1983 (with Tony’s favourites The Apostles) which was a much tamer affair…

    VW are still going, although without their lead singer (Dayve) who was responsible for most of the wind-ups…

  2. 15 minutes of Genius.

    This tape should be put into a time capsule marked “anarcho-punk and the ‘think for yourself’ ethos” 😉

  3. Absolutly love this! Cheers for putting this one up!

  4. Here’s a tracklist:
    World Wars
    Join the Army
    Utopian Ideology (aka Anarchy Ain’t the Answer)
    Club a Cub
    Part Time Punks

    You can hear me shouting “Anarchy ain’t the answer” just before ‘Utopian Ideology’: ah, me and my massive mouth…

    I’d forgotten what a great sneer the singer Dayve had: he was great at getting a room riled…
    “You can gob all you like, but we’re not getting off!”
    “You should never let cunts like us wind you up…”
    “Conflict, Crass – they’re only rock ‘n’ roll bands…”
    “Big wind-up: achieved”

    The punks in Nottingham were pretty good at being closed-minded: I remember seeing Rudimentary Peni there in late 1982, and all the punks slagged them off for being ‘straights’…where are all those ‘weirdos’ now?

  5. Michael on said:

    I’ve still got a copy of this classic tape which is called “Freedom of speech the truth hurts” and as well as the gig has some studio stuff as well. I went to that gig mentioned above at The Recession club in Hackney 83 Verbal Warning, Napalm Death and The Apostles !

  6. Michael – really? The Recession Klub concert?
    That’s great…Napalm Death was mine (and Miles’) band: I was the vocalist…
    Do you have any memories of it that you could share?

    Miles played drums with The Apostles for (I think) 3 songs at the Recession Klub – certainly on ‘The Curse’ and ‘Innocent Bystander’…
    I remember Dave doing a solo version of ‘Hey Man, You Look Pale’…

    Dave was living on Brougham Road then – I think he had moved in there only quite recently…

  7. Pretty sure Dave moved to Brougham Road in 1982. He was certainly staying there when I joined the Apostles which was in summer 1983. I’ve got a mixing-desk recording of that Recession Club gig (tho sadly not the ND set) which I will pass on to Micky to post up here next time I see him. Sure i’ve also got a tape of the other gig the Apostles played at the Recession, with Nocturnal Emissions too. All clanking Little @ print-presses as backing tracks, vert early Test Dept! Great version of ‘Rediffusion Refugee’ though, if my memory serves me right.

  8. Ah right – in that case, Dave should have had a f*cking tidy up then: it was a shithole!

    Why weren’t you playing at the Recession gig, Chris?
    Can you remember?
    (My brain is slightly addled from all the chemical abuse its taken over the years…)

  9. haha! Andy could tell you…i was up in court that week for a bit of youthful foolishness and was well ‘grounded’! ‘chemical abuse’ came into the equation there too 🙂

  10. Nostalga eh, this gig was the highlight of the Old Verbal Warning’s career, certainly a night to remember, the irony of getting kicked of stage by a load of anarchist because they didn’t agree with what we were saying never fails to raise a smile. Dave now lives in Ireland but comes over from time to time, and has seen the new Verbal Warning on a couple of occasions. You never know we might get a support gig with Conflict again, we might even relearn Anarchy Ain’t the Answer for that.

  11. Nice one, Paul..
    I hope you’re well – and Dave too…

    I saw VW 10 times back in the ‘old days’ – I must have been a sucker for punishment! 😉

    How about putting up some of the old demos on the website? ‘Lady Isobel Barnet’ wouldn’t go amiss 😉

    (ex-Napalm Death vocalist)

  12. Michael on said:

    hey Nic – I used to be in touch with Steve from Horsley,Derby who did the Terminal Illiteracy/My pet rabbits an anarchist zines. I used to get tapes off him (and a few off Miles) when I lived in Harlow. Steve told me about the gig so I went along. Its a long time ago but I seem to remember thinking that it was more like a warehouse/studio than a gig venue and there not being many people there. I bumped into Steve for a chat but can’t remember much more about the night though !!!! Sorry I cant remember more.

  13. Thanks Michael – Steve was a good man: he turned me on to some great stuff…and ‘My Pet Rabbit…’ was stupid but fun 😉
    I still have a few copies of Terminal Illiteracy in a file…

    Yeah, I remember that there was hardly anyone there (and that it resembled a rehearsal studio): not that it mattered much to me – I would shout and take my clothes off in an empty room!
    Thaks for reminding me that Steve was there though – I’d forgotten that…

    As we’re on the Great Quest for all things related to this period, I have to ask: do you have any of those tapes left?

  14. On THAT Subject, Nic, i unearthed The Holy Grail !! that tape we got off Steve Illiteracy of the early apostles rehearsal, plus flack, primal chaos, black flag & heretics…only i fuckin’ well went and recorded over half of the BEST EVER version (and recording) of ‘Anti-Christ’ DOH! Sure Micky will stick it all up soon, but would kill just to get another copy of that version.

  15. Michael on said:

    have got a few tapes still in a box somewhere as well as that Verbal Warning one (Freedom of speech the truth hurts – 25 tracks !) I’ll have a look over the next few days.
    Any idea what happened to Steve ? i used to swap tapes – he always used to soap the stamps so they could be reused !!. Ive still got several of those fanzines as well -TI, Pet Rabbit, Dawning of a new era and a copy of Twisted Nerve (no 5 with a review of the above gig)

  16. That would be great, Michael – good on you…

    I don’t know what happened to Steve – we lost touch at the end of 1983, and I haven’t heard anything of him since…
    Soaping stamps: classic (and perfect for teenagers with no money!)…

    I’ve got copies of all the fanzines you mentioned too: I was thinking of scanning in Miles’ article on the concert…
    Have you got issue 1 of Dawning of a New Error? (I haven’t got it anymore)

  17. CHRIS!!! That is the best news – there’s some great stuff on that tape…
    Looking forward to it…

  18. hello people, dave the old VW vocalist here.
    so many memories coming back reading these blogs. the union gig, going to hackney recession club, new error zine…
    steve( pet rabbit ) met him at an offspring gig in nottm a few years ago, he was still living in horsley then.
    the thing i got wrong at the union was to slag conflict so early on in our set, i should have waited til the end, after we’d tortured them for 45 mins.
    still have my treasured original napalm death demos.
    time for bed

  19. Great to see all is well with you, Dayve – have you got a contact?

  20. ello nic, contact yep no prob, but how do i get it to u in private, sites can get trawled and i get enough spam already

  21. Nice one, Dave…
    Send to here:

    Be really good to hear from you!

    I saw Miles just before Christmas – he’s really well, living in Denmark where he and his partner run an Ashtanga yoga school…

  22. Just dug out a demo of Lady Isabel Barnett, also found a rough studio demo of Anarchy ain’t the answer I’d forgotten I’d got but I haven’t a clue how to get them posted

  23. re Lady Isobel Barnett

    don’t do it Paul

  24. hahaha – you know it makes sense Dave! 😉

  25. Paul Warning on said:

    but it is the studio demo, and we didn’t write the words

  26. the lyrics – we didn’t write ’em.

    what a relief, but keep it in the archive paul

  27. Hi
    I just googled “Dayve Nottingham” and it sent me here. Am I too late to join the party?

    I wasn’t at this gig (but have the tape) and saw Verbal Warning several times. They were great for winding up the anarcho punks “Meat is murder on a leather jacket?”
    I went down to Nottingham from Leeds often for gigs and slept on Dayves floor regularly. They had a good scene going; Dig and Dayve put on some great gigs and it was a meeting point for travelling bunkers. Last time I saw you Nic (and Miles) was in Dayves front room, eating toast the morning after a gig. Do you still have your poncho?

    I still have loads of fanzines from back in the day and boxes of live tapes/demos including the Napalm Death first demo (punk is a rotten corpse?) and (I think ) a couple of comps that Miles did as well as lots of stuff from Dayve/Dig (skum dribblers practice tapes anyone?).

    I lost touch with Dayve in 85/86 and remember missing his wedding trying to get to Stonehenge!


  28. No you’re not tooo late in my book Dev, i’ll email you 🙂

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