The Bollock Brothers – McDonald / Lydon Records 1980

The Act Became Real

The Actor Dub

This record is so bad it is not really worth listening to. Ham rap / reggae at it’s worst, lyrics written by a seven year old by the sound of it…I believe they are Arsenal FC supporters, hence the lack of flair or care in thier work. I only put this rotter up to read any comments about the band and Spiv McDonald if anyone has any to write up…! 

The only good thing about this post is that the next one has GOT to be great!

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44 comments on “The Bollock Brothers – McDonald / Lydon Records 1980

  1. heh heh heh…………….

  2. Heh heh….The removal……Slowly — Of the left ear of Vincent Van Gogh………..Arrrrgghhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. was only 18 and travelled with an offshoot of the bollock brothers to promote their 12 single we’ll be there..about when the scots could get no tickets for wembley. was going to promote the record at a wales v scotland match at the then home of swansea football club vetchfield road. they had looted the off licence in chiswick before we got outta london and then from then on one nutty day and i even seem to recall jock mcdonald getting nicked for something.

  4. any one got the poster for the” one of the lads” single by the 4″Be 2″s ?

  5. Geordie on said:

    Have not seen Smithy for about 8 yrs now, and Jimmy for about 15 yr.

  6. i was the toe rag that done your nose ha ha

  7. big smithy would have knocked you all out slags

  8. hi am trying to contact anyone from the 4b2s.can anyone help thanks. am very ill and just wanted to contact anyone from the band pleae if anyone can can you get in touch please.alan

  9. Bollocks Brothers are on facebook, why not ask one of em there?

  10. Clock end gooner on said:

    They also released “good old Arsenal” as the 4be2’s. I bought it at an Arsenal home game.

  11. Hi am trying to contact any former members of 4″be.tried jock wanting to do documentary about 4″be 2″.if anyone can help be great email me at alancadenhead97@gmail title for doc it will be One Of The Lads (unforgotten band) 4″be 2″.thanks.please if any former members out there get in touch.would love to contact jimmy

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