Stranglers – Strange Little Girl Video 1982 – KYPP connection?

Any Puppies out there know who the punks are towards the end of this video are at all?

Mark Wilson from Da Mob remembers the extras to be something to do with KYPP, but can not remember the names or many details. Help the guy out…Tony, Lugs, anyone?

Watch the video HERE

Comment if you recognise anyone please…King Road Punks yeah yeah yeah…

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61 thoughts on “Stranglers – Strange Little Girl Video 1982 – KYPP connection?”

  1. Apparently the real name of “Spanish Lisa” is Lisa Molinaro (according to the comments over at the Stranglers YouTube video).

  2. With all this talk of spotty young men and Watty etc, can we look forward to a coffee table book of all the young punks entitled ‘Oik! The Album’? 🙂

  3. Hi – just to say that my friend Andrea and I were in the Stranglers video, we were approached in Kensington Market as we both had mohicans and the right look !!! , we were paid £10 for the day.

  4. i was just wondering if any of you know anything about krisha gural she is the girl towards the end in the dark blue cardigan with purle and black hair please let me know

  5. Hi,just came across this site. I was a punk rocker in Manchester and frequented the clubs and watched various bands, drones etc. I seem to recognise the girl with the black Mohican at 1.48 (filmed by herself), is this girl Frank. please let me know

  6. I was here on this video too ..I was approached and paid a tenner .could of only about 16\17 at the time .

  7. “There’s another girl I remember very well from the Music Machine days, on the extreme right as they come round a corner -she’s got huge hair.” Tony: Yep that’s right, that’s me, I used to buy Kill Your Pet Puppy’s from you there. One of the alleys where they filmed was Tower Court W2. I was supposed to be in the close up with Spanish Lisa too as we were supposed to be her friends, but I had to go back to the Netherlands. Me and Toe were recruited at a gig. Toe knew Lisa and they asked me to come along for the audition, so I went along just for fun.

  8. Way late on this, but having a nostalgic moment haha
    I’m glad we all were paid the same rate, ten quid. I was recruited down Portabello Rd. My appearance is nanosecond around 1:45 and about 2 nanoseconds at 1:51 red and blue hair, on the left.

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