Steel Leg v The Electric Dread – Virgin Records 1978

Steel Leg / Stratetime And The Wide Man

Haile Unlikely By The Electric Dread / Unlikely Pub

Studio downtime anyone? More than likely recorded during a P.I.L. session, this is a decent enough punkyreggae set of tunes courtesy of Don Letts, Jah Wobble and Keith Levine. Not massively great, but decent enough in small doses…Worth sticking up just to get the comments going…

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8 thoughts on “Steel Leg v The Electric Dread – Virgin Records 1978”

  1. Thanks Penguin: good to hear it again after all this time…
    Wish the vocals had been mixed out though…

  2. again great stuff! have been trying to track down Jah Wobble’s first (?) record “Dreadlock dont deal in wedlock” 12inch for years now – pretty groovy as i seem to remember from my own lost record collection…does anybody have that? here the cover to jog the memory

  3. I’ve got the 12 inch and 7 inch of this. Love this record. The song Steel Leg should be an Xmas top 10 hit. The big question has always been, who is that masked man, aka Steel Leg? I’ve read speculation that it’s John Lydon. Not sure There are some vocals on the song Steel Leg that sound a bit like Mr Rotten (the taunting ones in the background). Also I wonder who does the main vocals of that tune, you know, the guy moaning in the gruff voice that he’s got no friends. It doesn’t sound like Lydon, Wobble, or Letts. Could it be Keith Levene? Heard him speak on YouTube (guitar playing videos) and it doesn’t sound like him either. It that person Steel Leg? Which brings up back to the question, who is Steel Leg?

    I’ve also got the Dreadlock Don’t Deal In Wedlock, and another rarity, he single Dan MacArthur, which I believe is Wobble’s first ever solo single. All found on eBay years ago.

  4. Anyone Remember The Human Condition? It was band Wobble had that released two cassette-only recordings. Jazzy, instrumental stuff. I’ve got them somewhere though since they’re over 30 years old I can only imagine how the sound quality had deteriorated.

    Also, I stand corrected. The fodderstomp link above (provided by Crow) identifies Steel Leg as a geezer named Vince Bracken. He’s probably the gruff voice while Wobble is the high pitched taunting voice in the song “Steel Leg.”

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