Lets Wreck Mother – Flicknife Records 1985



Some bubblegum Goth-funk from ex members of Dormannu. The track Barbarella sounding incredibly like some Rip Rig And Panic or Bow Wow Wow material!

Part of the Dean Street, London, W1 Batcave scene, anyone remember The Batcave?

I have no idea what occurred to this band after this record.

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1985 – 1988 All The Madmen Records and Distribution
1988 – 1991 King Penguin Distribution
1989 – 2018 Southern Studios / Southern Record Distribution

9 thoughts on “Lets Wreck Mother – Flicknife Records 1985”

  1. the band was short-lived as I recall, guitarist Adam went to school with my mate Dave in Berkhamsted. Adam also played guitar in Rubella Ballet sometime around ’85 but I can’t remember if it was before or after this record came out!

  2. I was friends with Adam when he was in the band , he joined Rubella Ballet after and I think he went on to join a Killling joke/Brilliant inspired band called Heist.

    however I lost touch with him years ago anyone know his surname ?



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