Blood And Roses Feature by Tony D

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Centro Iberico feature by Al Livingston

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Squatting – Black Sheep Co Op feature by Al Livingston

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KYPP ran from New Years Eve 1979 to the Summer Solstice 1983.

But culturally we were part of a larger landscape that ran into the mid 80’s (and still today you say?). Plenty more information to be put up in the seperate categories.



Sherriff Road, London, NW6 – Val – KYPP 1 & 2 produced here

Westbere Road, London, NW6 – Brett – KYPP 3 & 4 & 5 produced here

New North Road, London, N1 – Mark and Val

Grosvenor Ave, London, N5 – Nicky – KYPP 6 produced here

96 Brougham Road, London, E8 – All The Madmen Records – Neil


Tony Puppy

Brett, Lou and Tony

Elaine, Mick Lugworm and Brett

Greenhair and Wolf


Val and Iggy          

Alistair Livingston


Letter from the editor


Hello again.

There’s nothing like the smell of glue, the hacked out remains of magazine pictures scattered across the floor and the typewriter ribbon being worn to a frazzle as exciting ideas are typed and frowned over through the night.

The wheels are back in action, for tonight on the 25th September 2007 the KYPP website finally begins to happen.

Hold on to your hats, it may be a bumpy ride. 

*There’s going to be some unique downloads available on this site soon starting with rare tracks from the 96 Tapes stable, some live Mob stuff and anything else we feel like slapping on! Eventually the whole of the All The Madmen Records catalogue from 1980 to 1987 will be available so please come back and check links/downloads page out every now and again. Please remember also that some / most of these oxide tapes and vinyl records are over 20 – 25 years old, and the quality may vary from track to track, artist to artist…Penguin has used some decent gear and software to get the music as clear as he can get it! Copyright owners or similar interested parties please contact KYPP site if you feel your material should not be shared to the public. Our reason for uploading this material is based on love of the scene and of the material itself not getting lost or forgotten and hope you can appreciate our motives. We will obviously take any material off the site immediately if you feel there is a problem. Thanks in advance.


Some people have emailed to say the site is too confusing. Sorry about that, but this site is permanently under construction as we are adding to it all the time: hopefully it will become clearer as more stuff is added.

If your website viewing is too comfortable you’re too old. To paraphrase the wise man (Elton John) who once said , “if your shoes are too comfortable you’re too old”. That’s a quote I’ve used in both KYPP and in my writing for NME, and now here as well – how cosy.

Time rolls on of course, and some old timers may struggle with this modern technology – a large print version, or an audio book version of this site is available at www.pipeandslipperspunk.old.codger.zzz

Feel free to add comments to help build up a picture of how it was, or how it is to read about it, this era 1979 – 1986.