Assassins Of Hope – Centro Iberico, Westbourne Park, London W11 – 14/09/82

Adesso Nienti / Prisoner Of Law / Nothing On Me / Victims / Spastic Disco / Fearful Darkness / Shades Of Grey / Nuremburg Revisited / Conditioned Lives / Cartoon War / Dickie Davies / Kiss Your Arse Goodbye / Battle Of The Boyne

Another tape that is very old so only plays on one speaker. Honestly it is not my equipment, that all works fine, just seem to be getting to some weirdly recorded ones at the moment. Ahh eureka – this tape is the same make as the Black Flag / Apostles one. Actually this tape I believe begun life at Andy Martins place all those years ago and he recorded it and sent it to Chris Low, who lent the tape to me. I would not be surprised if Andy recorded them from a mono player through a lead to another mono player. No one I knew had those double tape ‘Ghetto Blasters’ in those days , in the punk scene anyway! The B-Boys and Rastas had them…

Anyway technical stuff aside, here is a recording of Assassins Of Hope in the summer of 1982. An OK quality audience tape, would be better coming out of two speakers! The set list is exactly the same as the track listing on the released demo somewhere else on this site, which is odd. Picture above of Andy Martin recording with the Assassins Of Hope by Chris Low.

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58 thoughts on “Assassins Of Hope – Centro Iberico, Westbourne Park, London W11 – 14/09/82”

  1. Bizarre! Unless I am very much mistaken , the tracks that come in at 30.16 are by BIBLE OF SINS. Their demo tape which I got of Nic, and must have recorded onto this cassette.

  2. Yes, this is Bible of Sins…
    The recordings are from their second demo (a 5 track affair) from 1982…The tracklisting for these songs is:
    – Victim of War
    – System Slide Show
    – Power and Slaughter

    They were a band from Atherstone in Warwickshire (if I remember correctly, there were all miners at the local pit) and were mainly active in 1982, recording two demos. Their singer Keith gave Napalm Death their first two gigs in mid 1982, so thanks once again…

  3. I’m sure Miles also sent me a C45 which consisted of a live recording of Bible of Sins, at Atherstone. Plus a band called Lambent Motella (?) on the other side who were no doubt trying to sound like Ultravox, but sounded more like Exhibit A. An early ND-er or school friend’s band ? Will let you know if I ever unearth that one!

  4. Haha, your memory is as full of trivia as mine Chris! Lambent Lamella were friends of Bible of Sins, and stood out on bills with bands with names like Hiroshima, Corrupt Youth and Society’s Victims by by being a little more ‘melodic’…

  5. Hornsey at war? I’ve been trying to remember that name since I saw them at Conflict’s 1st ever gig at The Sherard Hall in my sunny home town of Eltham. No Class also played and Conflict eventually poached their guitarist Steve.

    I remember them being good, and the singer being I don’t know… ‘theatrical’ isn’t the word I want, but he wasn’t one of those ‘lean into the mike stand and bellow’ kind of people.

    Funny thing – No Class used to plaster Eltham High Street with graffitti of their name and one day someone went round and wrote “What so ever” underneath every single one…

    God, this very small ray of humour in the shithole that was/is Eltham just reminds me how much I hate the place…

  6. Hello, I saw AOH a few times in the early 80’s. Admittedly, because you were supporting better bands, lol. Saw you at the Centro Iberico with Conflict and another time with Riot/Clone at Stevenage with Flux and once at the George Robey. Leon is now in the band I’m in, REFUSE/ALL. Take a look at and come along and say hello at one of our gigs.


  7. Only saw Hornsey At War once and they were brilliant, especially the singer, the support band was Part Time Posers ring any bells Luggy ? x Crow

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