The Ramones – Utah University, U.S. – 13/10/79

Blitzkreig Bop / Teenage Labotomy / Rockaway Beach / I Dont Want You / Go Mental / Shock Treatment / Rock And Roll High School / Sedated / Something To Do / She’s The One / I Am Against It / Sheena Is A Punk / Havana Affair / See You Again / Needles And Pins / I Am Addicted / I Want You Around / Surfin Bird / Cretin Hop / Don’t Wanna Walk

Around With You / Pinhead / Do you Wanna Dance? / Suzy Is A Headbanger / Let’s Dance / Chinese Rocks / Judy Is A Punk / Happy Family

A performance recorded professionally by W.N.U.R. (radio station) and broadcast on the airwaves to the U.S. public. Marky Ramone on the drums at this stage, as Tommy Ramone had left the stool vacant in 1978, concentrating on managing the band and producing the LP ‘Road To Ruin’.

Anyway everybody loves The Ramones, so turn the speakers to 11 and welcome some two and a half minute  pop-tinged punk tunes, performed by a bunch of head bangers, into your life. All together now “One, Two, Three, Four”!

Poison Girls – Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1 – 1979

Old Tarts Song / Ideologically Unsound / Crisis / Persons Unknown / Political Love / Jump Mama Jump

Good Times / S.S. Snoopers / Under The Doctor / Reality Attack / Bremen Song

Poison Girls were always great, and absolutely any excuse to upload them here on KYPP. This tape is mixing desk quality, but with ageing is not as crystal clear as it should be, but it is still pretty damn good. Not quite sure which Conway Hall gig it was, as they performed at the venue at least three times in 1979.

Great stuff as always from The Poison Girls. Indebted to Chris Low for the tape.

Collage from Impossible Dream fanzine.

Vex – Fight Back Records 1983

Sanctuary / It’s No Crime

World In Action / Relative Sadness

First release on Fight Back Records, a record label run by Conflict. Heaps of UK Decay and a slight pinch of Killing Joke are among the ingredients for creating Vex. Serve loud.

This is the only release I believe that was released by the band.

All good stuff but sounds slightly dated now and the lyric “dream of spunk, dream of blood” cracks me up every-time. Photo by Mark Palmer ex Conflict roadie.

Kings Cross – Phil, Pinki, Cory, Lisa Evelyn -1978/9?

Here is photo sent by Phil back in January.

Punk Daze

Evelyn, Cory, Phil, Pinki, Lisa

Andee Martins essay including Derby Lodge Kings Cross

Bigger print for essay here

The Heretics – Private Tape – 1980

Stepping Stone / Nazi Born And Bred / Mania / Napalm Babies / Death Or Glory

Indebted to Chris Low for lend of this tape, in turn indebted to Sii from The Heretics for taping it for Chris and sending him photos in the first place.

As you can imagine, the master tape of this bedroom / practice / live session, after almost 30 years is a little knackered, but still shows signs of some kind of musical (in)ability now and again!

This band I know very little about apart from the name, which has hovered in my conscience for decades. In fact apart from the Toxic Grafity piece which will be uploaded shortly (when Chris finds his copy in all the shoe boxes he seems to keep this kind of stuff in), most of the info I have cobbled together in my mind recently, is from reading Rich Kids (Jake, the growler on these tracks), Sams and Sii’s numerous comments on another post (The Chris Low Obscure Punk Tape Post HERE ) mixed up with stories from Andy Martin of The Apostles told to me decades ago.

Could this band be as legendary as The Turdburglars, another band that people know the name of, but who never released anything or know little of…?

I hope someone will enlighten me more on this band via the comments.

Toxic Grafity interview below.

Bigger text here

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Filler – Fourth Dimension Records – 1988

M.Y.H.C. / Nowhere

Better Learn / Hurt To Say 

From a small  Nottinghamshire village, Filler had a great sound that was reminiscent of the 1985 D.C. scene, Rites Of Spring, Embrace and Marginal Man. Those band’s and that scene were close to the vocalist and bassist’s, Jabb’s heart, so much so that he licensed several LP’s from D.C. Olive Tree Records to be released on his on Wetspots Record Label to sell in the European territories.

This band only completed two 7″ records and one German re-release (of this record) on Limited Edition Records.

The second 7″ record was released on Vinyl Solution Records. Both these 7″s are very good indeed.

Live they were OK, but the vinyl shows some vulnerability in Fillers music which I find irresistible. My favorite 7″ record of 1988 at the time!

Heresy – Limited Edition Records 1987

Make The Connection / Trapped In A Scene / Network Of Friends


1986 was a good year for cranking up the speed for punk bands over the U.K.

The U.K. Hardcore scene following on from Discharge and Disorder in the very early 1980’s, getting inspired further by ‘newly discovered’ Thrash music from the U.S. Japan and Scandinavia via tape trading circles etc.

This new breed of band with a new sound appeared to shake the punk scene up a bit. This is not to say that all the bands started off sounding this fast! The Instigators from Leeds for example started off as a respected ‘Anarcho’ band, increasing the speed and the pairs of converse trainers as the years went on.

Bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Electro Hippies and Heresy led the way, and got great reactions where ever they appeared. Even countless John Peel sessions were aired with these bands, to the immense enjoyment of Peely himself.

One point to note was not many of these bands on the first wave of the U.K. Hardcore scene were from London, which made a slight change. Cities all over the country had little scenes going on, which would create a fine network of fanzines, gig venues etc. Just what the Anarcho scene used to have, but had died down a little by the mid 1980’s, this new scene started to keep it alive quite successfully for several more years.

I saw these band’s countless times and out of the bands mentioned above I enjoyed the music and adrenalin filled live performances of Heresy the most. The vocalist was jumping about all over the place, the bassist with his dreadlocks risked whiplash every time the band performed. The drummer and guitarist were well tight, keeping it all together.

This record on a German label was limited to 500 copies only and is on beautiful blue vinyl and was released when Heresy were at their most popular in 1987.

The Nips – Bootleg LP – Soho Records 1980

Side One

Side Two

Test pressing bootleg of The Nips, released towards the end of the band’s career on Soho Records. From what I understand the then manager of The Nips (after Stan Brennan)  released this record just to get some cash back off the band!

The gig itself was recorded in Wolverhampton in March 1980 and is pretty good quality. ‘Gabrielle’, my personal favorite, and ‘King Of The Bop’ are featured on side one.

Both Shane MacGowen and Shanne Bradley went onto much bigger things after The Nips, performing in those absolutely class bands, The Pogues and The Men They Couldn’t Hang, band’s which everyone out there should know something about.

Buzzcocks – Best In Good Food LP – Edible Records 1978

Intro (Boredom) / Fast Cars / Fiction Romance / Boredom / Sixteen / You Turn Me Up / Orgasm Addict / Pulsebeat

Love Battery / Times Up / What Do I Get / Noise Annoys / Walking Distance / Late For The Train / Can’t Control Myself

The first and one of the most well known bootleg Buzzcocks LP presenting snippets of various early live gigs and radio / TV sessions. Some tracks include original vocalist Howard Devoto, the segment of ‘Boredom’ and the 1978 reunion TV special ‘Can’t Control Myself’.  Great band, still rocking the masses. Even I turned out for a show and had a bit of a boogie (not pretty) in the bleaching sun of Finsbury Park a couple of years ago.

Menace – Illegal Records 1977

Screwed Up

Insane Society

Call me an audio slut if you will…

But if two members of the KYPP fraternity (John Several Last Names and Al A) both jump out of the holes they are hiding in, and scream “MENACE” in one desperate voice in my direction, then I (as a kind of person who is in fact sensitive to the needs of the KYPP public) will stick it on sharpish.

You see…it is all in the service. The difference is quality, blah blah blah.

This 12″ record is the first release by Menace. A great release although sticking two tracks lasting six minutes in all, onto a 12″ platter, which of course cost much more cash back in the day, is not my idea of good value. Still, as I got it on the cheap, second hand, in a junk shop in 1980, I can only feel for the original owner of this master piece. Whilst of course, rubbing my hands in glee with the purchase of this legendary piece of plastic for about 20p (which was still a fair amount in 1980, but not as much as KYPP fanzines cost at the time, what a rip!)

Pogo away chaps…Hope you both make it through the night!